Don’t Touch

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  1. Your internet didn't cut out, the canon event didn't happen.

  2. Aw, you should've just put a shatter sound effect

  3. 2:40 AHHHH, you just took a queen, you can feed a knight to e5 you greedy basterd! YOU'RE RISKING YOUR VIDEOS LIFE MAN!!!!!2:48 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! head desk Your video died for nothing YOU MONSTER

  4. If the board shatters that technically means draw right

  5. I'm not touching I'm not touching I'm not touching

  6. Chess simp's discord members have the most entertaining and fun ideas known to man.

  7. Maybe someone can take this video, edit it with the shatter-effect, and send it to you to show us later?

  8. Nice of you to actually follow the challenge this time!

  9. This is the first time I’ve seen Simp do a challenge without slightly misinterpreting or changing it!

  10. I feel like the bishop rule thing was fine considering he made it harder with the “no sacrifices” add-on

  11. i was actually expecting the shatter effect when he pauses the video a bit at the end

  12. 2:48 You said sacrifices are not allowed,then you pushed an jndefended pawn which he could have taken,so you are a cheater,not listening to your no sacrifice rule,so you deserved that

  13. 1:47
    Coulda taken his edward with the horse at this point
    it's not a sacrifice, since capturing horse would blunder his queen

  14. At 2:15, you could have done Nf4 to take an unguarded pawn, and skewer the e5 pawn to the queen with your bishop. Then taken it afterwards with your other knight because the bishop guards it there.
    IMO, you failed the challenge through women-hating greed.

  15. The "bishop rule" is what I assumed the default was anyway. Every other piece's counterpart starts on an opposite color already.

  16. Not sacing the knight or bishop when you are a queen up…

  17. Oh come on, that's so lazy. Just bite the sour apple and do that one shatter effect.

  18. Do only I think it will be better to watch, if Simp will play 3 chalanged games with specific ruleset? One game have too much luck involved.

  19. Why didn’t you just take his e pawn? It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a trade of 2 pawns for a minor piece and defends the video.

  20. Wait, you forgor to change desk color to normal after Chess GPT video…

  21. The video didn't shatter, mission failed boys 😔 we'll get after effects next time

  22. shouldn't have added the sacrifice rule ;P

  23. without the sacrifice rule you could have continued playing and still wouldn't be a sure win

  24. Chess, but you are a painter. Every move must be explained by creating a harmony, symetrie or a picture you want to draw.

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