Dreaming Castle Chess Board (ChessCraft)

A dreaming castle, where two princes came to rescue two sleepy princesses. But things are not so simple, the castle just allow one side to get out of it, the other would be held inside it with an eternal sleep. And after all, battle is the only option of both sides…

– Board’s Code: 3439

– Board’s URL:


– Flutter / Diamond Eyes [NCS Release]:

– Home For the Holidays / TrackTribe:

– Take A Chance / TrackTribe:




  1. Can you try my board? Might not be really interesting but here you go – 4CUI

  2. Hey I like knight and Rook. horse leg rook , 🫸🫷

  3. For some reason I downloaded chess craft but I don’t have some of the pieces on this app and some of the rules for pieces

  4. Hey! I know it’s been a while but I think I could upload another board. The code is 3S8X. I hope you still make videos.

  5. can you make tutorial how to import board in chesscraft

  6. Can you play "The war of the kingdoms" by Enderook(me) i would reccomend knowing how to use the pieces because most of it is made by meCode:37MB

  7. Q1h Q2c: names the board "Dreaming Castle"Me: I'm dreaming to understand what is happening here…

  8. Ah, you met the Chesscraft Drunkmaster again !

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