FIDE Women’s World Championship Match Ju vs Lei – GAME 6

Commentators are Grandmasters Alik Gershon and Xu Yi.

The Women’s World Chess Championship match between defending champion Ju Wenjun and challenger Lei Tingjie is held in Shanghai and Chongqing, China, from 5-24 July, 2023. Don’t miss this epic battle with a prize fund of €500,000.

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  1. Even though the game is over (game 6) they are both still playing mind games at and during the Press Conference. Its on on-going strategy that they and their respective coaches are extremely aware of .We move on to game 7 +and the rising level(s) of Chess strategy , on and off the table.

  2. Estas jugadoras chinas tienen un juego muy aburrido: ni comparar con las partidas que disputaron por el título mundial de ajedrez masculino, entre Ding Liren y Ian Nepomnniachtchi.¡Chao!.

  3. The person who asked how much of what the players say during press conferences are lies, obviously did not think the question through. If you think they are lying, then the answer to this question could just as readily be a lie. So, what are the chances that you will get the truth with this question.

  4. lei's expressions during the press conference are too funny 🤣😅

  5. Lei Tingjie staring up at the camera 😄 She's a comedian

  6. why lei making such funny expression when Ju wenjun answers? This is weird.

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