Fishing Pole Trap (Chess Opening Traps)

Hello everyone! In this video, I cover the Fishing Pole Trap. I teach you what it is, how to play it, and multiple variations stemming from it. Thanks for watching, like, and subscribe!


  1. Queen checkmate at the end isn't unstoppable. Pawn F3 (pawn in front of king) move forward to allow king to escape and attack queen with rook.

  2. After you cut them off with the knight white can move the f-pawn up and after check with the queen they just move their king up one square…

  3. Move pawn F2 to F3 and open a spot for the king to escape, play a risky defense for even a slight chance

  4. I've never won with ANY of these suggestions.

  5. Just move pawn in front of the king to prevent mate

  6. There is the pawn he can move forward to escape the check

  7. I discovered this on my own . This is The only way I beat the computer because the computer will always take the knight

  8. I was playing AI and the first few moves happend but when it came time for their pawn at H3 to capture my knight at G4, they didnt do it..instead they moved their pawn from D2 to D4 and then i got bummed that it didnt follow the plan so i resigned

  9. bro really had to castle even though his pawn hanging

  10. I have actually done this trap once, it wasn't as in the video obviously but it was a checkmate using exactly the fishing pole trap

  11. Why do you always assume people will make the dumbest moves?

  12. Absolute noob move to castle with a hanging pawn. This will never happen

  13. What we can learn from this is that rooks are very powerful pieces but they are so hard to activate, but if you capture and open up the a or h file that rook is activated for free no need to castle or do a rook lift.

  14. At last the opponent can still play f3 or f4 right?

  15. What is they see the trap if they push f2 pawn?

  16. would this not work with the Italian as well as the Ruy Lopez?

  17. It’s not checkmate. White moves a pawn forward attacking the horsie

  18. What if pawn comes to threaten the queen

  19. I can win every game if I play both sides…

  20. Idiyet thats not unstoppable , you play Nd4 he play f3 😊

  21. To be honest a pretty not so good trap since all of whites move in this position is literally inaccuracies and straight up blunders, also a 100 elo player that does play nh2 and then notices that black moves his queen can easily play f3 and escape the trap

  22. and if they try to go with pawn to f3 to take a escape square for the king we push our pawn to f3

  23. bro they could just play pawn c3 gives rroom for the king

  24. Everytime i tried trap i got stuck in trap😂

  25. I wouldn't know that h5 is possible until learning it from this video

  26. hint: this is dog shit no one does this over 750 soooo .many different combos available

  27. I dont know why some people just trade their bishop with my knight! That's horrible..😐

  28. What if they play rook d3 or pawn to c2 in next move

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