GM Eric Hansen Bird Speedrun | 2200-2400

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  1. I could watch Eric pawning noobs for hours … And have haha

  2. Eric is the most kind chess player in the world. ❤

  3. You should try a 1.F3- 2.G4 speedrun (You have to allow Fool's mate until move 3). See how far you get until you lose too much.

  4. Wow you streamed today itself on kick and now it uploaded on youtube with editing. That is a quick and great surprise for people like me who've been following this series of yours.

  5. 13:08 doesnt black have Qg3 Kh1 and take a bishop on h3 with check

  6. Eric you are so amazing. Love your content. Please play Alireza in bullet😁😁😁❤

  7. 16:18 “being good at identifying holes is, uh… that’s a useful skill. It’s gonna… it’s gonna take you far…. Not just in chess” lmao this is why we watch Eric

  8. I'm waiting the battle between PoojaFan69 with bird opening and PoojaFan69 with c6 opening

  9. I like Eric's subtle jokes, not sure if you guy's like bishops touching, being good at identifying holes. I see you Eric

  10. Eric when the speedrun starts vs 400 Elo players: chipper, grinning, coffee in hand, chatty, energetic, full of life
    Eric when vs 2200+ Elo: 1940's coal miner

  11. Bruv, i’ve been playing the bird/dutch for a long time now, following mr. Williams, you just make it look so easy and effortlessly while im stuck at fkng 2000 elo

  12. 22:55 dude just call it nimzo larsen. It's not racist or something

  13. I like how it often just suddenly occurs to one that Eric is a GM😂

  14. I've been playing chess since 2013, and my rating has been stuck at around 1600-1800. I now realize that the only way I'll ever improve is if I study chess books daily for hours on end. Building my knowledge on memorization and prearrangements, just as Fischer said.

    In general, I can tell you that the knight is the piece you should be most worried about

  15. I like watching speedruns….Eric's Speedruns are fun

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