GM Hikaru Doesn’t Know He’s Playing OG Chess Shark! GM Hikaru Nakamura vs Jeff The Shark

Jeff The Shark is acid free for his important matchup with the #2 chess player in the world!

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  1. You guys are the best chess collective channel by far! I’ve been following you since before you got famous grandmasters on the channel, but just realized I hadn’t subscribed yet! Done. Even bought some coffee/hot chocolates for some people.


  3. Hikaru had only 1 minute to Jeff's 3 minutes. Even if I had 1 hour Jeff would had destroyed me. Now I'm depressed.

  4. Not sure if my man here understands how sunglasses work.

  5. never trust anyone who "drops acid" but wears a mask, ahahahahahah

  6. Is this coffee chess in NYC? I'd love to watch it live sometime

  7. You really see the difference in a GM and super GM. 1 min? Geez!!!

  8. 5:29 if anyone missed the beginning this would sound really funny, like you were being really serious this dude drops acid most times he comes down to coffee chess 😀 😀 😀

  9. Great fight. Just for non-native English speakers I have found that OG means old guard here

  10. I know absolutely nothing about chess but i watch all these videos,love feisty forrest,carlini,,dada,,,noemi and mike,,,salute

  11. Alright, time to sign the petition so Hikaru gets 50 secs instead of 1 full minute he has proven with his smirk the extra 10 secs won't matter.

  12. His opponents are always afraid to to trade pieces early in the game and so they get pushed around by Hikaru. Not so with Morphy Bob and Ruthless Robert.

  13. It says a lot about Hikaru that he regularly turns up to play. To the point it's no longer surprising. He's literally #2 in the world and is quite happy to take the time to sit down and play some games and have a chat with people.

  14. Not goona lie, was really hoping Jeff would win….. BUT Hikaru did lose to someone in Coffee Chess.. still waiting to see that game uploaded.😊

  15. Just discovered this channel recently, loving the content. Great to see all these amazing players having fun and shooting the breeze.

  16. My kid watched ur video this morning and now all he wants to do is get some acid and watch hikaru 🤘🤘

  17. The analysis is like: he would have loss less pieces if he had moved over here.

  18. I'm beginning to think that this "new guy" Hikaru is a pretty decent chess player! (lol)

  19. It’s a wonderful time in history for chess lovers when you can casually play one of the best players in the world and have some fun.

  20. Hikaru seems like gain a ton of weight in this video…

  21. That castle first knowing the rook was trapped…wow

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