GM Raunak Sadhwani vs GM Iniyan P | No Castling chess

GM Raunak Sadhwani battles with GM Iniyan P in former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik’s ‘No Castling Chess’. Who will come out at the top? Find out in the video.

Video: Sagar Shah

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  1. Both of Very bad player, too much time taking

  2. I could actually see the psycological game more

  3. 00:05 pawn on d4
    00:31 fixes it while his opponnents clock is running.
    12:05 hits the piece very hard
    What a disturbing player!
    12:10 pulls the chair as loud as possibke
    And the last fricking handshake.
    D I S T U R B I N G !

  4. Me seeing the whole match without knowing who won😂

  5. Aab en chutiyno ki bhi chess dikhao ge. Saala kisi ko bhi shoot karke daal date ho

  6. Why is the guy on the left so arrogant? After seeing players like Vidit, Anand and Adhibhan it is very disturbing to watch him. No offence but the only thing which is coming to my mind is,"tujhme kis baat ka attitude hai bhai."
    Is it just me who is feeling this? 🤔

  7. The player in left seemed to be so arrogant by his gestures

  8. kiya game dekhaya bhai…nah koi blunder…nah koi strategy….blitz game meh bhi classic jese khel rahe the…kiya baat kiya baat..😂😂

  9. @12.36 , instead of black playing g5, … Nf3 should be a correct continuation

  10. To Chess base india,
    Do you guys even read comments?
    How difficult it can be to put digital chess board on the video screen for a chennal which has 335K subscribers?
    I’m tired of saying this, and I have to say this now. You are Fuc*ing idiots.

    I’m requesting everyone to like this comment and write curse words in the same individual comments to wake this guys up. I’m so annoyed.

  11. I bet, the admin of this channel had zero fuc*ing idea how to play chess, who can not understand that without digital chess board on the screen no one can understand the position of pieces.

    He is the only fuc*ing illiterate guy who knows how to upload a video. That’s it.

  12. "hey son welcome back, how was India? did you see the Taj Mahal, did you meet exotic indian women?"

    -"no dad, but I played in a no castling chess tourney."

  13. both players have very thin eyebrows. is it the norm for indian men to get their eyebrows threaded this way?

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