Grandmaster Doesn’t Know the Castling Rules! #shorts

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  1. I've seen this position somewhere before, and about asking the arbiter. Can't remember if it was in a book or if did a video on the whole game some timd in the past.

  2. I knew that castling the king through an attacked square was illegal. I always thought the same for a rook. Now I know from this video and the one earlier this week that it can.

  3. There's no harm in confirming a rule one isn't sure of. No-one wants to forfeit a game in a won position because of an illegal move. I remember a case fairly recently where a player forfeited for "incorrectly promoting a pawn". It was on the 7th rank. He placed a queen in front of it and then removed the pawn. The arbiter said that the pawn had to touch the square on the 8th rank before being replaced with a queen. Apparently this rule is not always enforced because I've seen exactly the same thing done since then without it being called into question.

  4. I can see why someone would be unsure of themselves in such a position and if you can ask for clarification, why wouldn't you.

  5. my gut was that this was legal, but if you'd told me it wasn't I'd have believed you!

  6. Even I know this. … Maybe Korchnoi asked the arbiter .. "Hey, did I play bongcloud and back at the beginning?"

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