Hastings castle, dungeons and Pirate golf! A day out in the UK

Hastings castle, dungeons and Pirate golf! A day out in the UK. join us for a visit to Hastings with the history of the castle, a look at the dungeons, pirate golf, ice cream and more! Hastings Old Town is a joy to wander through with such interesting shops and some GIANT things!

Ride with us on the funicular, check out scary dark places in the castle and do some window shopping. Hastings has something for everyone!

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  1. Keep an eye on Max! I once took someone elses child on a pier, looked in the other direction for a moment & he was gone! Total Panic!

  2. Shelley, 6, says he likes your holiday vids and wants to play chess with the eel

  3. Loved seeing the castle!! My favorite was the octopus playing chess! 🙂

  4. I used to live near Hastings in East Sussex I am originally from Shoreham – by – sea in west Sussex just the other side of Brighton and Hove and Lancing and Worthing

  5. Little max bless him telling us about how the castle got broken by the england king.
    He’s after his grandad’s job..love him he’s too cute for words 🥰

  6. What a super fun time! Max obviously had a blast and I can see what enjoyment he brought to you. Manky looked pretty pleased too! Hastings looks amazing. I'm putting it on my wish list for sure. Thanks for such a great introduction.

  7. It’s good to see you both back in Hastings and a lovely explore with young Max. They do lovely food in The Ye Old Pump House Pub and it’s such a historic place to be. Max looked like he was having fun and so did Manky 😊🐼
    Best wishes
    Mark and Juie
    Romney Marsh

  8. Max, you were very brave in the dungeon! Good job! I loved the ruins and the history. Thank you, Phil and Caroline. Don't know what happened to my youtube handle but this is CathrynG!

  9. Another wonderful adventure!! If am ever lucky enough to visit Wales I would love for you to be my guide ❤❤

  10. That was awesome, a bit of everything. Take care and thank you for sharing Hastings and it’s history 👍🙏❤️

  11. A great tour aroud the castle ruins & the dungeon were cool the pirate golf was fun looks likea great day was had by all & some interesting history & some great views thank you for sharing

  12. Hastings is beautiful and the Castle amazing. I could tell Max and Manky had a fun time. Thanks for sharing this adventure. Have a wonderful weekend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💜

  13. Out and about with Max and Manky, looks like you had a great day!

  14. The sound quality was super. I LOVED THIS.

  15. The editting was brilliant! Max is the spitting image of the rest of the family. As a lover of good deals be aware that if you get an annual pass to the Caves, it also gets you into the castle, Hastings Aquarium and the Blue Reef in Newquay (Cornwall). If you get back to Hastings when the days are shorter, the lights in the under prom walk near the Pier are well worth a visit.

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