Hikaru Beats 3100 Elo WITHOUT A ROOK

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  1. Can someone send a link to original play on Hikaru channel?

  2. Oh this is amazing, it's such a good idea and brilliant example of breaking down the bullet games of the grandmasters, because the calculations and the logic they are driven throughout the game is actually can be followed by viewers

  3. You look dead inside, hope you're fine ♥

  4. darn, andrew ran himself into a puzzle rush position

  5. Allowing the Ra1-to-mate was a totally obvious textbook tactic blunder though. Impressive for Hikaru to come back but a 3100 missing Ra1+ was just about as bad as him missing mate-in-1.

  6. For those that don't know…
    Hikaru laughed hysterically when this happened and said "You know what, I'm gonna make him work for it". The rest.. is the legend!

  7. Now I can say I play openings as Hikaru

  8. Say what you want about the quality of bullet compared to the other formats but I think it’s super interesting to see these GMs find moves in 4 seconds that I wouldn’t see in 4 minutes

  9. If you are wondering after that initial blunder hikaru spend those few seconds in laughing.

  10. What a plot twist 😂 predictable since you are making a video about it, but still! Thanks for sharing this game

  11. Made me cry, happy tears during the last few seconds & mate in 3.

  12. Hikaru played a game that was so ridiculous, that only GothamChess could cover it.

  13. Levy you’ve said the same thing in 6 videos now

  14. Only in these Gotham chess videos certain words and such he says keeps muting for me. This is the only channel this happens. Idk why

  15. Stockfish looks up to the ceiling to see Hikaru's best move

  16. Cuz short castling is underrated, but that's none of my biz.

  17. Kramnik could talk all he wants, it's his right to do so, but Hikaru is a monster in OTB Blitz and online bullet and those two are impossible to cheat, not unlikely, impossible.

  18. Oh I thought you meant like a 3100 chess engine

  19. 4:27 why didn’t Andrew sacrifice the bishop for the pawn?

  20. this game will be kramnik smoking gun to proof hikaru is cheating

  21. I dont even play chess, and yet its so interesting and cool

  22. Please where can I see Hikaru's reaction to the pre-move blunder?

  23. i am actually proud of myself for seeing the whole mate idea before Nd4 and as soon as i saw the bishop move it just clicked what a game

  24. u see top engine moves clearly he s cheating 🤣🤣

  25. GC: "how does Hiki play like stockfish?"
    Kramnik: "Hold my beer."

  26. Not gonna lie this game was actually very interesting.

  27. This man just made a 23 min video on a game that lasted 1 MINUTE. HOW THE FU–

  28. why bishop in the begining didn't take the pawn on f6?

  29. If you won't make a video on alekhine defence I'll quit chess and unsubscribe you….I'm telling you this since 2021

  30. A one minute game explained in 23 minutes…

  31. Finally I found moves before levy saying them

  32. You are often talking too much, but this time it's actually unwatchable

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