How Does Castling In Chess Work?

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  1. How is safer when its so fucking easy to get checkmated in this position.

  2. Can we castle while getting checkmate from one side and if we castle than rook while face the opponent queen

  3. I notic that in Castling the king move throug the rookWhicth is count as moveing throug pices

  4. If you think that's cool, google "en passant" ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Il vaticano is another Way of moving 2 pieces I requires the 2 bishop to swap Places and Capture the 2 pawns It is Next to But Il vaticano can not be diagonal

  6. Capturing moves 2 pieces If your meYou blunder a queen Attack 2 rooks And lose a bishopIn 1 moveMy opponent took my bishop losing my queen this was 30Min 900

  7. to be more specific, castling is moving the king 2 spaces in the direction of the rook, and the rook to the space across from the king.there's also one more very nuance rule: the king and rook must be on the same rank. this is to counter the fact that pieces promoted from pawns are considered new pieces and have not moved, therefore you could castle with a promoted rook from the top of the board. this has never been played in any games but was a crucial component in a mate-in-two puzzle that resulted in the addition of the rule

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