How to Castle in Chess – All the Rules – Step by Step Tutorial

Castling in Chess is a great rule that allows your #castle to jump your king. This video has covers basics of castling and explains all the rules involved. Basically the king moves two squares to the left or the right and the castle jumps the king all in one move. Watch the video for all the details (by #HowToSolvePuzzles )..

#Chess has been around since the middle ages. It is a great game that requires a lot of skill and patience. Both your skills and patience can improve over time, with practice and watching tutorials on you-tube.


  1. Hm: I thought the Rook (which is what you call that piece in the corner), merely had to be in the original square. I didn't think it could not have moved at all. I wonder where I may have derived that from.

  2. Quick and easy instructions. Thank you 🙏🏽 👍

  3. I didn't know castling was only moving the king 2 squares in either direction.

  4. Very informative video. I also didn’t realize that the squares the king moves through can not place the king in check either. I wonder how many times that was ignored

  5. I have been playing against an AI and I never knew how this “Castle” move workedIt bugged me

  6. thanks for the clear calm well thought spoken explanation for casting cant wait to try it out 😁

  7. Thats how you castle in chess not check…. lol (He was dong so well too) lol

  8. I always thought that you also had to have 3 or 4 pawns in the front row of the direction you are going to castle. Am i wrong?

  9. Hello there sir I'm trying to understand. The rook doesn't jump over but just slides like Michael Jackson right. so how does that happen. Can i just castle do what your doing and not get called out. If you could answer asap that will be wonderful, Thank You Sir.

  10. Thank you. You answered my question in the first 30 seconds. "How many moves does it take to castle?" … 1 turn.

  11. Too many rules surrounding castling. When would I really ever need to do it other than to be cool and say I castled?

  12. You can't castle when you are in check I think.

  13. In American chess, it is called a rook, and it can not jump over other pieces. Also, a king cannot move more than one space. And the illegal moves combined would make 2 moves total, if you were to do it anyway.

  14. Lol, I thought that when you castle your king goes to the end (where the rook is) and the rook goes one in the direction of the original spot of the king.

  15. Like this comment if you like chess. Like I do. Because I like chess.

  16. how much is your beautifull chess ? very cool

  17. If your king has been checked and has not moved { check is blocked } can you castle after?

  18. I castle to the right, probably every time.

  19. Is this legal in all games of chess? Or is it only legal depending on the opponent, organisation ect?

  20. If we are in check means what to so sir

  21. I though when castle you can't touch the king first

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