How To Checkmate With Just A Rook ♟️ #chess #shorts


  1. Nah that's too slow i do it faster

  2. Is no body gonna talk about , how the last picture of the building actually looked like a giant rook?

  3. After so much time and draws trying to understand how to do that, I finally get it. Thanks, that was the most helpful video I've seen in this subject.

  4. God I remember having this amount, I lost after getting too cocky with the Rook. Was a fun match.

  5. i had 10 seconds on the clock and drawed cus this man took ages to explain

  6. what if he keeps moving to other direction

  7. I tried this and he kept going left and right and my 200 elo ass got a draw by repitition💀

  8. Thanks a lot . I always draw in a rook endgames 😢


    I was in this situation and didn’t know how to checkmate so I ended up to a draw due to the 50 moves rule 💀

  10. Thanks for the tips man! Appreciate it a lot!

  11. I had this situation yesterday lost my rook😅

  12. I pulled this video up during a chess game and checkmated. Thanks so much!

  13. I was in a match and I did this and won.Thanks

  14. It's easier to replace the rook with queen because they can't attack your queen

  15. this the reason why i always trade my rooks, hate how i always lose on time because of this dumb mate

  16. He couldve moved his rook up and wouldve been mated

  17. me 300 elo thinking it's a stalemate: 👁👄👁

  18. just make his kind be in one of the corners and pin him with your king and then bring your rook and easy

  19. Bro what if he repeat the move and not going to the corner ?

  20. If you save up some pieces of pawn then promote them, youll be able to make a extra of 25 moves and that would be better ig

  21. I won a chess game by doing that but with a queen

  22. Nah man the enemy can just repeat the moves

  23. What if he's repeating the same moves again and again?

  24. Doesn't work if they know what your doing.

  25. When king was on f3 you should of stuck the rook g4

  26. Just wanted to do something like this. But tume ran out. So came here for a faster way. Thanks

  27. For the ones who struggle with this method you can do the cage method. It's the easiest way to checkmate with the rook. Basically you have to choose one corner to do the checkmate and you wanna lock the king in a small cage each time he moves towards the corner you make the cage smaller but make sure to have some space for the king to move or it's a stalemate also make sure that you defend the rook with the king and now make the cage 1×2. Now get your king to do the opposition with the king you try to checkmate and when he moves to the corner you checkmate him with the rook

  28. Me who ended up as a draw as i didn't knew what to do🗿

  29. Bro's using his king
    "Just a rook"?

  30. pov: you're here because you just lost a game because you didn't know the rook checkmate

  31. Good advice! Can i get pinned?

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