How To Play The London System In Chess

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  1. Bro doesnt know popular culture or is hella projecting lmao hire a writter because everybody loves Abba

  2. It’s very effective against inferior opponents.

  3. Thus far I have tried: Normal opening, Ruy Lopez, Ponziani, London and Queens Gambit.

    London has worked the best for me. For anyone being below 1000 rating my best advice is to simply protect your pieces, that's it, your opponent is guaranteed to eventually blunder and then you just win the game, just keep having everything protected when doing anything, moving, advancing, defending or attacking.

    Don't be fancy, be effective. You can be fancy with your casual friends as you wreck them effortlessly.

  4. we don't need your permission you Ukronazi supporter

  5. Not bad I see a lot of potential to when pieces. I like the other bishop better though attacking the king.

  6. This is my favorite way to win the middle game

  7. My biggest issue with this opening is that I fall asleep

  8. London system should have Muslim family in hijab and scarf now.

  9. I've been playing the London for a day now (yeah, really that short), and the sheer fun of watching their king start running for cover is totally worth it.

  10. is it just me or i call that pyramid opening Ps. i play c3 and nf3 then nd2 next to complete the pyramid of pawn

  11. I normally play a combo of queens gambit and London system.

    The Elizabeth Gambit 😂

  12. Every time i see someone play queen pawn forward i automaticaly assume they play the london so i play K.I.D. in response since they usualy end up with their pieces forked in the middle

  13. I don't play play london system i play the piramid opening

  14. bro i do this opening every time and didn’t notice how unpopular it is and how useful it is too

  15. i did find a good opening with black that suits me but for white i was trying to stick to e4 but after Ding played the london system and i saw some videos about it i decided to abonden e4 and play e4

  16. This defense is the first defense I'm learning in chess and I'm gonna try it out today against a class mate. Wish me luck.

  17. 100% winrate in chess world championship😳😳

  18. I wanna Say that I did that trick I thought my trick (I Call it 'Small Average' And That trick Was Kinda a bit too much for me to use..)
    I still Have not use My max average And fast average Yet But that system tricks me
    My 'small average' is The best I thought Max average is my best move.

  19. That's how play my pyramid opening
    Pawn D4
    Dark square bishop F4
    Pawn E3
    Pawn C3
    Light square bishop D3

    Pawn D5
    Light square bishop F5
    Pawn E6
    Pawn C6
    Dark squared bishop D6

  20. I do kings pawn then queen h5 usually they move the pawn to the rooks corner forward 1 square. Then you take the pawn on kings pawn. Putting them in check. They HAVE to block and once they do you get to take their rook and be up a rook.

  21. I'm afraid using this opening because some players just attacks randomly early and I maybe ended up having a bad position

  22. They never do the next move that you say they will play 😂

  23. Well if playing the London makes me a lover of ABBA… I will happily dance like a Dancing Queen on Fernando's grave where he was buried in Waterloo and eat nothing but Honey Honey.

  24. London Players when they see an old benoni player

  25. Why Bd3? It allows Nb4. Instead I would play c3 to prevent Nb4.

  26. The queen is missing how can we play the London system without it?

  27. Very bad opening you’re weakening b2 pawn and hang your bishops with no defense

  28. 1. d4 c6

    … Followed by the Dancing Queen (Qb6)

  29. What happened if the enemy didn't copy the first move???

  30. How can I defend early queen attacks while using this opening.?

  31. I always catch London players lacking with the Englund 😈

  32. The worst chess opening for a beginner.

    Lol 70% lose rate with it as white after 40 tries.

    It creates zero openings, zero chances, zero attacks, and baits mistakes zero times… once both bishops and knights are developed, pawn to c3 has been played, and you're castled.. lol good luck on finding what your next move should be.

    This is the worst opening in chess.

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