Howl’s Moving Castle [OST – Theme Song]


  1. Day 138: i may have a massive migraine that wont go away for more than 3 seconds, but at least finals are over. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  2. day 715
    Didn't do much today. It snowed a lot so the roads are icy. I watched the movie whiplash. 10/10 really great movie. Other than that i didn't do anything special just the normal stuff. I got work tomorrow so i gotta wake up early for that. Anyways that's about it i hope everyone is doing well and had a great dag

  3. Day 354 (12/21/22): my right ear has been hurting since 2 days ago. I googled my symptoms earlier and unfortunately have swimmer's ear.. I wanted to check if it was serious. For now, Im gonna wait it out for a few days to see if it would slowly subside. If it doesnt, then I'll have to tell my parents. Theres been these little things where I would get some sort of illness around December.. Tbh, I guess I couldnt feel the chirstmas spirit.. Or rather, the christmas spirit doesnt favor me lol. Today wasnt that bad. I mostly just played on my phone and watched some tv at the evening.

  4. Day 652: Me and my sister watched the 11th episode of chainsaw man today, I can't believe we're at the 11th episode already, it went by so fast, and it still manages to so hype , the story keeps getting more and more exciting.

  5. Day 3: I played Hades today and had a couple good runs and I think my dad is cheating while my mom's away 🥶

  6. Just discovered that my cockatiel loves this song. The only time he’s quiet and relaxed is when I play this…or gangnam style.

  7. Day 519 & 520: forgot yesterday so two in one. Went out yesterday with a friend to the arcade and stuff. Got home kinda late but meh. So in the time I'm currently writing this, I have work during the night today and I really don't want to go since I have to do closing but it's not even full closing because they have me so 4.5 hours which is just 30 mins off of a break during the shift

  8. Это ахуенно! Спасибо ♥️

  9. I play this in the background whenever I'm about to read a very long neckbeard comment online

  10. I like when comment sections become peoples online diary

  11. Day 422: School was nice, we did nothing xD.

    There was a small play test of battle bit, it lasted 3 hours and there was a gamemode where you needed to capture enemy territory, I constantly flanked and I got a 70 kill game, it was fun.

    Also I maybe think I understand about what I said yesterday.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  12. Day 139: there is paint under my nails which wont go away- this sUCKS. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  13. Everyone tryna copy that one dude is so funny to me lmao

  14. day 716
    This morning i work up early for work then it got canceled. I was suppose to start at 8 but then got pushed back to 12. Work was really fun and easy today. It was summer camp so i just played games with the kids. After camp i took a nap then went to my indoor game. An old friend who is back from college came and it was nice to talk and see him again. When i got home i lifted and played some overwatch. That's about it i hope everyone is doing well and had a great day

  15. If this isnt played at my wedding and/or funeral then i will-

  16. Damnmmm I really miss this music 😭🎶 who here from 2022/2023💪🏻

  17. Day 355 (12/22/22): My mom told me that I'll visit the doctor with her next Tuesday. Hoping that my ear doesnt worsen that much til then. Also, wanted to bathe in the rain earlier.. But it wasnt that strong, so I decided to head home. Maybe i'll try next time when my ears are all better.

  18. Xem phim từ rất lâu rồi, không nhớ chính xác thì cũng phải 7 hay 8 năm rồi, năm nào cũng xem đi xem lại mấy lần. Thích cả phim và nhạc của phim.

  19. Day 653: I went to a store with my sister today in order to find an item she wanted to get, we couldn't find it in the end and she had to order it online, after that I didn't do much other than play games for the rest of the day.

  20. Canción más melancólica, me pone triste, pero al escuchar la voz de mi amada Carmen Shirley, se vuelve en alegría, ella hace posible la magia de de mi imaginación.

  21. Day 521: pretty shit shift because it was just 30 mins off of a break and a free meal but ah well. Had some chips, came home to play a few games of league and now I'm on my bed at 5am typing this lol

  22. Day 4: I felt very good about myself today and I finished Hades after that I watched puss in boots (it's very good)

  23. Sorry guys , i don t upload this 4 days
    Day 10 : i was to home and ending a fim , it was a hot day than before
    Day 11:i go to a other people , i play roblox nearly 5 hours and playing society games
    Day 12: Same but a friend call my bf and a 4 old year boy say(hello , b××tch) i was chocking
    Day 13 :Same , i try to play a game called ( Rami ) but it was so hard , tommorow , i m in home and i waiting christmas -2j

  24. Day 423: Today was nice, we had our last lessons before the break. We only need to go ice skating tomorrow.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  25. I grew up watching Totoro over and over again, but it never gets old… it’s weird how one studio can repeat that type of great movie for everything they make.

  26. Day 140: today was the last day of school, i am OFFICIALLY on Christmas vacation. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  27. day 717
    Today didn't do much. Was suppose to go hang with friends but everyone canceled. Just chilled around the house doin stuff. I hope everyone had a great day

  28. Day 356 (12/23/22): cleaned my bike earlier. Noticed on how dusty and dirty it was.. So I gave it a good wipe and scrub. Needless to say, it became better to look at after I finished. I should clean my bike every now and again.. Oh, and also got 20 bucks as a christmas gift lol.

  29. Day 654: I basically just mostly played games for the entire day today, thats pretty it.

  30. Day 522: Break today and don't have a shift till next week. Thank god I don't have to work christmas or new years. A friend came over and played some taiko on my taiko drum as well as some sdvx hehe

  31. Day 5: I went out and bought groceries with my dad while doing that we spoke about spaghetti westerns it was very nice. After that I hung out with the lads a little and playes Hades (turns out I didn't finish it) and rn I'm sitting in the cinema to watch puss in boots 2.

  32. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  33. I usually think anime is very cringeworthy but honestly its mostly the fanbase and the sexualized ones. This one is so beautiful. To everyone that plays the piano i highly suggest learning this one, its not that hard and it sounds great.

  34. Day 424: Ice skating was fun, it was weird in the beginning because I haven’t skated in like 5 years.

    I had a casino party from my club, there was nothing with money but you could win some prizes at the end.
    I lost everything at one point but I got donated a bit, and I won a lot because I picked the right number (it was 1/35 chance). I won a ball which was funny because I said, “I’m definitely going to bring that ball home.” and I did.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  35. Day 141: a couple years ago when i first downloaded genshin a friend told me "its just like BOTW but anime" i believed them so i stopped playing BOTW and got addicted to genshin. yesterday, bringing my switch to school and having no internet to play splatoon with my friend forced me into single player games i had, so i played BOTW. after opening it back up after abt two years, all i wanna do is play BOTW, ive kinda lost motivation to get on genshin even tho Alhaitham is being released soon. strange right? have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  36. Day 655: Didn’t do much today, I mostly just talked with my friends online and watched some stuff, other than that not else happened.

  37. day 718
    Today all the roads got covered in ice. We couldn't leave our house so I just chilled at home. Didn't do much besides the regular things i normally do. Anyways i hope everyone had a good day

  38. top 3 best anime:
    -spirited away
    -howl's moving castle

  39. Day 523: Merry Christmas yall!! Went out to eat pho and ate some kbbq leftovers. Well it wasn't exactly kbbq but we made our own kbbq experience at home with a gas stove and pan so..

  40. Day 6: first of all merry Christmas. Today was a rather stressful day we spent Christmas in my grandmothers flat and my home came back from her 6 week therapy retreat all of the adults got smashed but me and my lil bro got a stake so everything is fine.

  41. Day 47: today because of Christmas eve i came to visit my dad, also i played a lot of sims4 and watched a lot of bnha. Ah I have planned a Christmas break study programme, i hope i will be able to follow it. Anyways, i hope you are doing amazing and fantastic and had a fabulous, great day or will have

  42. Day 142: its Christmas Eve, and the house is FULL. hope you all enjoy the holidays, and ill try to get to you tomorrow. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  43. Day 425: It was match day, we lost and the match was alright. Good thing that I have vacation.

    I convinced my self to play terraria again, with calamity.
    I still don’t know what class I should play but I’m thinking of playing rouge because it looks pretty fun.

    I almost forgot, I watched Blade Runner 2049 and it was a cinematic masterpiece, and the score was also really good. At some point I was like who is doing this score, like maybe hans zimmer?
    And when I looked it up I was like of course it’s him xD.
    I think it’s becoming a pattern of me liking hans zimmers work. He just doesn’t disappoint.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


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