Howl’s Moving Castle [OST – Theme Song]


  1. Day 349 (12/16/22): I didnt do much today. Mostly just relaxed and played some pokemon lol. I also discovered this game called ronin the last samurai. Its a good game tbh.

  2. Week 1: I had dont time to do this but ido today
    Day 3: Nothing
    Day 4: I begin to fell sick
    Day 5 : Today , it s snowing , i m more sick , but my parent want to i go to the school
    Day6: Today is a mostly bad day , a evenment during in the canteen time , suddenly , i see black , in fact , i was no much sugar in my blood and i have a 20 /20 in math , i m so fine , i was not very good graduation in this class , after i have a english test ’ he was so easy , and after , the canadian christhmas , i give cool think to a girl , but she didnt say thanks , and me i have a book
    Day 7 :Pheww , today was the last day before christhmas holidays , i was a 12.5/20 in math , it s okay , in english , we make christhmas quaker , while people watch a film , now , i m a bit sick

  3. Мне 77 лет я пережил много воин, и своих сыновей, да, эта музыка, в ней что-то есть

  4. Day 515: essentially has kbbq at home and it was so dam good ha. My sdvx controller, the faucetwo from gamo finally came as well and was setting up majority of the stuff today 😀

  5. Day 43: today i wrote an english exam, i did well! Also i got scaramouche on genshin impact and i am soooo happy. I started playing genshin again bcs of my friends but its really fun. I hope you alllllll had a great day or will have

  6. Day 134: i love it when i troll a troll so hard they stop trolling DCFVGBH. LIKE BRO HASNT COMMENTED ON ANYONE ELSE AND CHOSE ME. THE F O O L. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  7. Day 417: it too late.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  8. Just reading the comments, have a good day everyone. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day for me.

  9. day 711
    Today nothing really special happened after school. After school i had work. One of my co workers just didn't show up so i had to help run 2 classes. Was kinda chaotic but it didn't go like super bad. My boss said he appreciated my hard work. I then came home and went to costco with my dad. After that we went out to eat. When we got home i lifted a little and that's about it. I got work tomorrow morning and it kinda late so that won't be fun. Anyways i hope everyone had a great day

  10. Day 648: I played some games after school today, then practiced on the piano after, that's pretty much it. Also, today finally marks the start of winter break, those weeks felt so long, I can finally rest now.


  12. Day 350 (12/17/22): Played a lot of pokemon today lol. Just tried leveling up and played a few other games as well. I still have a pending activity in my computet class that I still have to attend to..

  13. Day 8 : Today was not a very funny day
    First , i wake up at 7 am the first holiday day lol , for go to the barber
    And go buy christhmas dishes
    Second : In tennis , i lost all my matches but it was so hard
    Now , i m in my jolly bedroom , watch memes

  14. Day 516: woke up late so just work, arcade eat and then sleep today

  15. Day 418: We won our match today, at some point was it closer than expected.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  16. Day 44: i havent studied for tommorows exam at all. I really dont care about that subject though. But i will get up early in the morning tommorow to study because my mother yelled so much at me today, and i cant stand it. Love her though lmao. I hope you all had a great day or will have.

  17. Day 135: i havent rlly done anything today except lay around and listen to vocaloid. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  18. day 712
    Literally worked all day. That about it. My boss talked to me for like 30 mins tho. Wasnt really in trouble just her tellin me i needa be more mean to my kids and strict. Anyways i got work again really early in the morning. It already pretty late so i should really be goin to bed. Gn and stay safe everyone

  19. Day 649: Hung out with my friend today, that’s pretty much it, other than that I just mostly played games during the start of the day.

  20. Day 351 (12/18/22): It was raining a lot earlier. Our bathroom flooded cause I forgot to plug the drain and I also forgot to close the window in my room.. Luckily, my laptop only got a little wet and it still works fine. Had to do a little mopping outside. I also finished my computer activity. Although i cant seem to send it on our school website.. So I had to ask my teacher if I could send it to his gmail instead.

  21. Day 517: went out to eat dinner with family today and another family friend. Had a good discussion about work and such and probably might find another job on top of my current one, aka working at coles mm mm

  22. Day one today I rewatched this movie and I'm in love with this melody. After I proceeded to watch Wednesday and ordered Chinese food.

  23. Day 419: I slept until 11 am and finished some school stuff (I think).

    I just saw that Maya, the dog of Pewdiepie, has passed away. 😞

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  24. I came here from Annique Goettler's channel (and after watching her 1m 10m 1h challenge) to listen the original piece 🙂

  25. Not having the best day I keep getting a lot of anxiety from my parents where I can't move away in the tiny house I live in but I will say this song is helping me calm down and I hope everyone has a better day ♡

  26. Day 136: umm, kinda been lore digging into Klarion the Witch Boy…please give me a moment- have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  27. day 713
    Last night i had a lot of trouble falling asleep. I couldn't go to bed until around 2 in the morning. The problem was i had to get up at 6 in the morning for work. Anyways so i woke up and got to work at 7. I was a little tired but there was food and red bulls at work. We also watched the world cup. I got paid to literally sit and watch the world cup while i ate donuts and drank red bull. That a pretty good gig if you ask me. Eventually i did coach and all the classes were pretty good today. After work i really didn't do much. Just the normal things. It snowed a little today. Anyways that's about it i hope everyone had a great day

  28. One of the reasons I want to have either a piano or a violin and both

  29. Как буд-то с восемнадцатого века пришла

  30. Day 650: I worked with my dad today, then I went home after that and mostly just played games.

  31. I sometimes come here when I don't know why to keep living. No one tells you life is going to be so complicated. They simply tell you it will be. So many questions that years of thinking could never answer. You ask others what the meaning of life is and they say some half charged meaningless motto someone more naive than them concocted. You don't believe any of it because none of it adds up. You know there must be something deeper out there, but you never find it. What am I supposed to do. I'm not happy. I'm miserable everyday. I mean I lost everything I loved. My apartment, my friends, my college degree, so much money, and to top it all off, the woman I wanted to spend my life with. They say none of it was my fault and I agree but how am I supposed to live knowing everything good in my life was taken away. Why would anyone in that position want to live. What's the point. All i can say is if I can't figure it out soon I might go buy a gun.

  32. Day 352 (12/19/22): Finally submitted my computer activity this morning. Had a bit of a struggle yesterday, but at least I finally sent it. Mostly just chilled today. Gonna try working on some other activities as well as catch up on some other stuff during my holiday break.

  33. Day 518: Finished work at 2:30 and went to play at arcade with a friend. My first sorta half hangout in a while ww

  34. balkan mapping better than all ogism says:

    Day 9
    Okay i m late but it was yesterday history i upload +1 now
    It was a rainy day i go to the country because it was my cousin birthday , i play with him and other cousin , i saw the match and we lose but it was ok , i m back in my jolly bedroom now

  35. Day 45: today was a nice day, a pretty good one, i had a good mood since i had delicious food and its last week of school before christmas break yayyy! Oh also someone replied to one of my previous comments about art and how important it is and i agree so much, art is everything. Anyways, i hope you all had a great day or will have

  36. Day 420: Nice xD.

    I finished the jojo’s part 6 anime today and it was really good, as I had expected they used the most cgi in the beginning of the series and made the later arcs with minimal cgi, it was definitely worth it.

    I also want to start with steel ball run, but I don’t know if I’ll like to read xD.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  37. Day 137: remember everyone, if you pray to Miku hard enough anything can happen! i got a 19/36 on my anatomy test today (around average) and it wont even affect my grade that much. our notebooks are worth more than finals apparently. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  38. day 714
    Today some of my friends came over. We didn't do much. After they left i really didn't do much. Just the normal stuff. It snowed today. It still snowing right now. It is really late and for some reason i'm not tired at all. Not sure why but i should probably go to bed soon. Anyways i hope everyone had a great day

  39. Day 353 (12/20/22): My classmates agreed that we'll be doing a play instead of doing an exam in our literature subject. Sweet, 1 subject that I dont need to study for the finals lol. Our class picked "into the woods" as our theatrical play. Not bad really, i'll probably be assigned to either research about the ply or make some props. Its been raining all day today as well.. Our street has been constantly flooded..

  40. Day 651: Practiced a bit on table tennis today, thats pretty much it, other than that I just watched stuff and played games for most of the day.

  41. Day 2 I felt a bit down today but I picked myself up and am planning to go to the gym

  42. Those were the most beautiful eggs and bacons i've ever seen

  43. Day 46: today someone told me that their proud of me, it meant so much. I have been struggling with school and well, life haha and hearing a person saying that to me was, calming. Also they reminded me something simple that i had forgot, or maybe ignored all this time, one step at a time is a huge progress. Anyways, i hope you all had a great day or will have

  44. The song that now and then pops into my head, out of the dozens of Ghibly movies I've watched, it's this song.
    It's always this song.

  45. Amo está canción tiene la magia de transportarte a un lugar hermoso como los que existen en las películas de Studio Glibli 😍 cuando nazca mi hijo le voy a poner está hermosa pieza. ❤️☝️

  46. Day 421: It’s like always late.

    There are a lot of people I know sick right now, I have a cold but I guess it is everywhere.

    I don’t understand something that someone is doing and I don’t know what to do about it, I’ll just observe and see how it goes.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


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