Howl’s Moving Castle [OST – Theme Song]


  1. Day 65
    Too unmotivated to go looking for my comment. I am still unwell, but I really am trying. I got a bit more done today than I had been expecting and hope to do better soon.

  2. Day 129: i forgot to say this yesterday but- DEMON SLAYER CONFIRMED FOR APRIL 2023!!! ive been waiting and i think my entries need to consist of smth other than Alhaitham. speaking of ufotable, i remembered they took on the Genshin Impact anime, then i started questioning- how they gonna do the side quests?? WHAT ABT THE STORY QUESTS??? CUZ LIKE SUM OF THOSE ARE IMPORTANT TO LORE. anyways have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  3. Day 69690:Historiams still trying to figure what humans were doing

  4. day 706
    Today I went to this pet show thing. It was pretty cool. They had a lot of rescue animals who performed. My mom really liked it. After that we went to a pho restaurant. I don't really like pho but it was ok. After that i really didn't do much. I did some homework and watched some football and anime. I finished all of the one piece episodes on netflixs which is over 300 so now i gotta find a website to finish watching it. Anyways that's about it i hope everyone had a good day

  5. Day 643: Didnt do much today, just basically played games for the entire day again.

  6. I love everything about this animation. This theme music is phenomenal.

  7. I know I shouldn't write this here, but it is what it is at the moment and I hope I can find a little bit of peace, leaving this here…
    I waited a long time to watch Studio Ghibli's film, because I thought they were strictly romantic and I wanted to watch them with my first girlfriend by my side. At the end, I couldn't make it so I watched this film alone and it left in me a great mark, but at that time I didn't realized what it meant for me.
    Time passed and like two years later I finally found her, my love and not only she loved Ghibli's movies, they were on display in a theater in our city, so we went to watch them all. When we finally watched Howl's Moving Castle I cried for the last thirty minutes, trying to holding up my tears to not show to all the kids around me my trauma. At the end I completely broke down, but only now I can understand how my girlfriend wasn't trying to cheer me up or confort me even for a single second, she just wanted to left the theater, just cringed by my behavior.
    She left me six months ago and since then I went to therapy and started working on myself and my passion, writing (not in English ofc), but I can't stop thinking about what happened and what will happen to me about this kind of relationships. Today I finally came back here and remembering Howl's story I understood how my research for Sophie just started and who knows where and when she will come into my life. This story made me learn that love always find a way: you only need to be patient and work on yourself, because when you'll start to lose hope, things will come your way.

  8. Day 345 (12/12/22): We didnt have PE today. We did have make up classes in our language class though. We had 2 quizzes, and I have a feeling that I didnt do well on thr first one.. And my othet classmates were wearing civilian attires while i was the only one in school uniform.. Needless to say, i felt a bit awkward.

  9. this video is many peoples diary lol nice to see

  10. Day 511: went out and saw the Christmas lights and not much else. Keep waking up this late and nothing really happens in the day lol

  11. Day 413: I want to sleep.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  12. Es una obra de arte , me llena el alma de amor

  13. Day 66
    Trying hard to get out of this rut. Please wish me luck if you can.

  14. Day 42: i have had 10 days to write, each and every day though i kept coming back and reading your comments. In this span of time nothing really happened, lots anf lots of exams so lots of fails. But who cares, not me. Anyways i will write again later. I hope you all had a great day, week, or will have.
    Oh also there will be days i wont write, and for me thats okay, otherwise i get to much stressed out and i dont want my comfort song to be my anxious song haha.

  15. Day 130: i played genshin for like- 7 hours, most of it wasnt even like farming or beating bosses, IT WAS PLAYING TCG. anyways have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  16. Day 644: It felt like a long day today, I helped my dad fix up a clogged pipe after school, had to carry all the equipment, I took a nice shower after that.

  17. day 707
    Today at school i got my physics test back i took last week. The teacher gave me an 83% but i looked at what i got wrong and i saw i literally had the right answers. I called her over and got her to get my grade up to a 93%. Anyways after school i didn't do a lot. Watched some one piece and worked out some. Anyways that's about i hope everyone is doing well and had a great day

  18. Day 346 (12/13/22): We didnt have any online classes today. Our development class did have an activity though. Mostly just goofed off and worked on that activity.

  19. Day 512: only interesting thing was I read a series of comments stemming from the joke of a water cooled machine gun being problematic in first world war but advantageous nowadays. Honestly was a pretty stupid argument since they kept arguing two different things without even trying to listen lmao. Such is life with YouTube comments.

  20. Day 414: Today was interesting,

    Some weird stuff happened which I probably need to feel sad about but I don’t know, I don’t feel a lot right now.
    I’ll see how tomorrow goes.

    The new trailer to spiderverse dropped today and it looks amazing, I really can’t wait for june 2nd.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  21. 1 month, wow at this point these might be monthly lmao, schools been tough, anxiety being a huge part of it, taking up my whole life, but other than that my grades have been well, my birthday is in two months so that’s the main thing I have going for me right now, something to keep me excited you know? Excluding the holidays, speaking of, happy holidays everyone:)

  22. Day 67
    Still trying. Cat was cute and I made a good stir fry for dinner. Better than nothing.

  23. Day 131: ok so TCG gives a lot of primos, WHICH IM NOT COMPLAINING ABT. but why the duels gotta get harder 🙁 i liked ending everything in two rounds. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  24. day 708
    Today nothing special happened at school. I have been using chatgpt to help me with my school work tho. It is literally insane how much it can do. It will 100% change the future. Anyways after school i had a soccer game. We won 2-0 but we didn't really play that well. After my game ended it was pretty late. I spent around 2 hours studying for my math test i got tomorrow. Stuff that wasn't clicking before started to which was good. My teacher gave us 3 review packets and i was able to do all 3 and get everything right. I'm hoping i can just remember how to do everything tomorrow. Anyways it is pretty late for a school night and i got to wake up at 7 tomorrow so i should probably be going to bed. I hope everyone had a great day:)

  25. Day 347 (12/14/22): Had a haircut today since our christmas party is tomorrow. The gift im giving is a book and a purse. Im not sure if she'll like the book though. But I red some reviews so it might be good. Tbh, i dont feel all too excited for this party. I'll probably go to the mall after I give the gift and eat some food then afterwards just go home.

  26. Day 645: Didn’t do much today, just did some homework after school, that’s basically it.

  27. Now im gratefull of learning how to properly dance

  28. It has now been a month since I last heard from anxley. I just want to let you all know that.. things might seem terrible at times. Maybe your life just seems like it should have never started and to some extent that is true but hear me out. This might be your only shot at living. This could be your only opportunity in the universe's existence to shine. And I know that you might be feeling terribly lost depending on your situation, but patience pays out my friends. All the terrible feelings you and I and everyone else go through every day are what makes living so special.. because without the bad and the worse and the most terrible things we wouldn't be able to differentiate the good. Without the pain that we sometimes have to go through.. there couldn't be a reward. Don't get lost in memories. Don't think about what could have been because it no longer can continue how it did. Learn from your past mistakes. Change your ways if you are not feeling happy with yourself. Don't wait for someone else to fix your problems.. You are the only person that can affect how you act/feel/think.. If something is breaking you inside you have my respect for fighting through it so far but don't be scared to let it hurt you, just never ever let it defeat you. I believe that you, whoever is reading this comment, can fight through anything you can think of. Just have patience and get some discipline into your life.
    I wonder if anyone will read such a long comment about basically nothing… If you did then.. thank you and take great care. I wish you the best in life.

  29. Day 513: Played a roblox demon slayer game and grinded so much on it today lmao. Woke up at 4pm so I feel like I didn't do much today. Wasting my life away.. At least my hsc marks are out and it's not the best but it is what it is.

  30. Day 415: I don’t have anything to talk about today.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  31. Day 132: I’ve been doing hw basically since I got home- French and anatomy are killing me. Also don’t know why I didn’t say this but my school had me take a rlly weird survey yesterday lol. Probably won’t have the time or energy for Genshin tonight once I’m done. So I give thee an exhausted farewell!

  32. day 709
    Had a math test today. I think i did good. We will find out when i get it back i guess. After school i had work. Wasn't looking forward to it but it was kinda fun. Anyways after work i didn't do much. That's about it i hope everyone had a great day

  33. Day 68
    A bit better today. I got everyone’s Christmas gifts and I’m going to be doing some baking. DND is tomorrow as well.

  34. Day 348 (12/15/22): We had our chirstmas party earlier. Mostly ate and just watched my classmates play and goof around. We had our exchange gift and I got a friction pen, wallet, and a correction tape. I technically didnt ask for the correction tape, but im okay with it.

  35. Day 646: I didn't do much today either, just played osu! after school and then finished some homework.

  36. Day 514: did my first closing shift and was so tired but then stayed up playing roblox :')

  37. Day 416: I have a cold and a sore throat, i tested but it was negative. This week hasn’t been a great one so far.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  38. I heard this song for the first time yesterday at our local high school performed by the honors orchestra. It blew me away. These kids absolutely nailed. Bravo Parkalnd HS.

  39. Day 23: took another long break. Anyways gonna start coming here more often to vent. Life is good, making money and saving better. My gf went to get grandparents house for the holidays…. And currently she is drunk at some friends house so…. I Dont know how to feel abt that. Hope she having fun I guess she just acts weird through text when drunk….. atleast I have my pet cat Killua to keep me company so…… yea lol

  40. Day 133: I’m abt to play TCG against a real person lol, wish me luck. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  41. Day 647: Just most played games after school today, didn’t do much else.

  42. day 710
    Today nothing special happened at school. After school i did some cardio then went to soccer. After soccer i spent around 2 hours with my friend doing our physics lab report. After that me and him played some xbox then i lifted a little bit. Now it late so i'm gonna go to bed. I hope everyone had a great day and stayed safe:)

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