Howl’s Moving Castle [OST – Theme Song]


  1. day 688
    Today i had a super short day of school. We did nothing all day. After school i had work. It was the last day of the session for my wednesday kids. One kid gave me a $25 amazon gift card which was super nice. After that i had a soccer game. The game was pretty late it started at like 10:30. It was just an indoor game so nothing really important. We won like 8-3 or something. After that i came home and played overwatch with my friend for a while. It pretty late and tomorrow i got to be up at around 7 in the morning since my family is driving to my grandparents for thanksgiving. Anyways i hope everyone had a good day

  2. quiero presentar una queja porque no suena como el de los memes >:c

  3. Day 328 (11/24/22): today was pretty good. Im pretty confident about my quizzes today. I did well on my language and science quiz. There was my communication quiz but i think i did well there too.. Hopefully. But hey, i did well on my quizzes and i was able to catch a ride early. Tomorrow is my report card day. I have to be the one to claim it cause my mom has some business to attend to. But me and some of my classmates will go to the mall tomorrow for a quick bite. Today was a redemption from yesterday:D

  4. Day 625: Didn't do much today, just mostly played games for the entire day.

  5. Day 493: first time hosting and was pretty nerve racking haha, accidently clocked out 30 minutes early but eee

  6. Happy thanksgiving everyone, if you don't celebrate it i still wish you the very best

  7. Day 33: i have been sick for about a week now so tommorow i am going to the doctor lmao. Okay, well i hope you all had a great day or will have

  8. Day 395: I need to sleep….
    Feelings are weird, but the bed sleeps nice tho. Also all my classes got scrapped so I went to school for nothing today.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  9. Day 9: Today I felt really bad at work. I hold myself until I come home. My flatmates hugged me and made me feel better. They listened to me. They were here for me. Now one of them laying down next to me and we feel happy…

  10. day 689
    Today i woke up early and drove to my grandparents house with my family. They live around 3 hours away. Once we got there we had thanksgiving dinner/lunch at around 2. Idk why we eat so early but i guess it's because my grandparents are old and like to eat early. My other grandparents also come over. The food was really good. After dinner we played a game. I then fell asleep on the couch. I had only around 4 hours of sleep the night before so i was pretty tired. I took a nap for around 3-4 hours. I am now getting ready for bed. Anyways i hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and a good day

  11. Did someone hear it in boys over flower 😁

  12. Day 626: Happy Thanksgiving! I had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my family today, after the dinner I just played some games and then finished an assignment from school.

  13. Day 329 (11/25/22): Claimed my report card and I did well. Had some high grades except for my language class.. I have to improve on the finals. I was also able to eat at the mall with my classmates and it was a chill experience.

  14. Day 34: i am really sick, idk when i will get better haha. But i have a good mood (and it is in no way related with the fact i dont go to school). Jokes apart i am suffering lmao, i wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy. Anywaysss, i hope you all had an amazing, fantastic day, or will have

  15. I finally got around to watching this beloved movie.
    It did not disappoint one bit.

  16. Day 396: School was fun, we made aspirin which was fairly easy. We got about 8,5 grams but that is with a bit of water.

    I have a match tomorrow, we need to drive like 1 hour and 45 min. But good thing is that it’s later on the day.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  17. Day 112: i couldve SWORE i wrote yesterday but maybe i forgot to press enter, maybe i put it on a different video? im so dumb wtf. anyways i ate ham and a lot of rolls w/ butter, im not rewriting everything from yesterday 😭
    Day 113: i found out with 3.3 patch i can make 9000+ primos f2p including limited events. also ive been on a spree of genshin theory vids. i hope this gets posted- have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  18. day 690
    This morning i didn't do much. Woke up and had left overs from thanksgiving. I watched the USA vs England world cup game. I'm honestly just happy we tied but we definitely could have won also. After that me and my family went over to our 3rd pair of grandparents. Well it is just my grandpa but we went over to visit him. After that we drove over to our rental house. We go over there whenever we in portland just to check in on it. It was raining hard which is nice when your driving cause it makes everything prettier. We also got burgerville which is a fast food chain only in southern washington and northern oregon so i can't get it at my home. It was good. After that we came back to my grandparents house that we are staying it. We then went over to my half cousins i think. Idk what u call the person who is your dads cousins kid. I think that is half cousin. Anyways we went over to their house which is on the same farm as my grandparents. There was a lot of people there. Most of my half cousins are girls in their mid 20s. They all either have boyfriends or are married. I also have a half cousin who is a guy named enzo. He has a girlfriend who he lives with and he only 18. It seems like they gonna get married in a year or 2 which is crazy. Like he only a year older then me already living with his girlfriend and soon to be wife most likely while I have never dated or talked to anyone for more then a couple of months ever. Anyways we judged there ginger bread houses and first place got $200 and second got $100. There whole house was super christmas decked out. Anyways after that we came back and didn't really do anything else. I have been watching a lot of one piece and it really good. Anyways that's about it i hope everyone had a great day

  19. Day 627: Didn't do much today, got some food with my sister, and then just mostly played games for the rest of the day, I also finished one more assignment after that.

  20. Day 494 & 495: 494 glitched so, anyway i was suppose to go out with friends today to the city but then realised how tired I was and canceled 🙁 plus the train times arent great recently so they would've been really late anyway oh well.

  21. Day 330 (11/26/22): me and my cousin went to the mall to watch the new black panther movie and it was great! Really liked the cinematography and ocean scenes. Before we went home, we bought some sushi for 2 dollars and i gotta say theyre not bad lol. I should buy that more often as dinner. My father finally came home tonight from his business trip. Ended the day by accidentally breaking a glass of water in my room. One heck of a roller coaster day.

  22. Day 21 : Took a longer break from social media. A lot of stuff been happening lately been trying to meditate and manifest and i think its working. got a new position at planet fitness, my businesses have been picking up traction and im in very good spirits. Later today i have to go to work then hopefully i can go see my girl friend if i get all my work done.

  23. Day 35: i am still sick, but i get medicine now and i think it helps a lot. Today i learned how to make butterfly origami and i made so many. Also a friend of mine visited and that made me happy. I hope you all had a great day or will have

  24. Day 397: We lost the match 36-13 which was expected.

    I played some warzone/dmz and some guy in dmz did a money glitch, so i recreated it. I levelled a weapon to max with the glitch.
    It’s currently 4:25 am, so when I wake up the glitch will probably be patched.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  25. Day 114: we set up the christmas tree and decorated it. and i wrapped some presents for my nieces+nephew and sisters. time to get festive everyone!! i also went artifact farming on genshin today for ✨funsies✨boy i hope the Alhaitham ascension talent get leaked soon. i wanna farm for him than HOPEFULLY find a decent artifact set. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  26. when i hear this song i am out of my mind and just like seeing blue skies …

  27. day 691
    Woke up at my grandparents house. I slept in some. Didn't do much i did help my dad and grandpa remove so stumps but other then that i just chilled at their house. At around 5 we left to go home. Took around 4 hours to get home since there was traffic. When i got home i worked out a tiny bit then played overwatch with my friend for a while. It pretty late and i'm pretty tired so i will be going to bed. Anyways i hope everyone had a good day

  28. Day 628: Helped my dad put up the new tv he bought today, we had to carry and move a lot of stuff.

  29. Day 496: Came home pretty late but not really (6pm) and i say that cause I ended my shift at like 3:15 lolol. Learning maimai in the arcade and hopefully i can get even better e.e

  30. Day 36: i watched the last episodes of 1899 and may i just say, wth. Anyways today I did nothing, i just watched some TV, then i panicked ig for school?? Did nothing about it ofc, i am failing school in every way possible, i dont understand why i cant just do my damn job like my classmates, why the freak am i like that… But ig i am still alive haha, thats something to be proud of when you are failing in literally everything else in your life right? Ah whatever i will sleep and let tommorow me panic again. Yeah, so i hope you all had a great day or will have

  31. Day 115: i wrapped more presents and theyre actually under the tree. im currently at 52 intertwined fates and have finished the aranara event. so school starts tomorrow again🙃and my sister is sick so i have to get her school work for her. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

  32. Day 629: I ate dim sum with my sister and dad this morning, it was pretty good, I haven’t ate dim sum in quite a while, after that I basically spent the entire rest of the day finishing the rest of my assignments,

  33. Day 22 : I got off work super early so i went to the gym. After the gym i went home did some homework and relaxed cause i been non stop working and grinding to reach my goals. Later on my girl friend came over and we all know how that went 🙂

  34. Day 497: tiring shift but didnt do much. Washing up dishes feels stressful and I was gonna buy something online for black friday but now I forgot what it was eeee. I mean a new phone case and charger but there was another thing which is annoying >:c

  35. Day 331 (11/28/22): Wasnt able to do my log yesterday cause we arrived home at 12am and I was tired lol. We just went to my grandpa's house yesterday to pay respects and I played with my niece. I mostly just worked today. Math is absolutely hectic and Im gonna try to continue answering tomorrow. I also went to my previous school today cause theres a sports festival happening there earlier. I hung out with my friend but we were only there for 1 hour though.

  36. day 692
    Doing this the next day because i couldn't do it last night. Yesterday i woke up feeling very weird and sick. I felt very cold and was super unsteady. We took my temperature and i had a fever. I spent the whole day just sleeping or laying down on the couch. That was really it. I hope everyone had a great day

  37. Day 9:
    I'm on a brake at work. The new job is very chill. I'm working security and today I'm working in operations and watching cameras. It seems pretty straightforward but we shall see.
    Have a lovely day wherever and whoever you are.
    Song of the day: this

  38. Day 37: it was better than yesterday. Tommorow i am going to school after a week of not going since i was sick. I am stressed and worried. I will get through this though, school is a struggle for everyone, well almost everyone. Also i have my two friends at school who i love very much, and i cant worry around them. So i will be okay i guess. I hope you all had a great day or will have

  39. Day 398+399: I remember commenting yesterday but it could’ve also been that I didn’t post it because I was tired.

    School was alright, I could sleep two hours longer because of a sick teacher.
    I apparently have an english exam tomorrow but I don’t have anything to worry about because I’m good at english.

    I’ve been playing some rotmg and it still is pretty fun, sometimes disappointing but that’s part of the game.

    Goodnight or day everyone,


  40. Came here from a latte art video, initially thought it was European classical music, turns out it's from an anime studio.

  41. Day 116: i came home just to do a lot of hw instead of stay home and chill, so no genshin today cuz its late and im tired. i made a family tree and it fr looks like the Joestar family tree without trying to. smth ive been thinking abt tho is sliding into my crushes dms, asking them out mayhaps. have a good morning/afternoon/evening!

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