I know nothing about chess (yet) · Training Game

I understood nothing this game. Nothing. Not a thing. This is probably the most useful training game I played in a long while. My evaluation was wrong, my plans were bad, my position was very close to, if not already losing, and I was sure it was superior!

Chess is hard. I tried to play as setup I was unfamiliar with and the plans I came up with were extremely bad, giving my opponent more than a -2 advantage at several points. Back to learning the English!

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  1. No no not biahop d6 his queen is hanging

  2. Ur playing way too safe and in doing so ur loosing. objectivity

  3. Instead of d3 Qb1 seems like a very intersting continiation

  4. I've seen some of your games before and this game was poor maybe due to lack of sleep. One thing I could see based on your commentary is that you were thinking too much about piece placement and nothing about your opponent's weaknesses.

  5. C' mon don't be down on yourself. Your are rated 2000> basically if you are between 2000-2100 you are in the top 3%. The tennis equivalent would be like being in the Challenger circuit just below the ATP pro tour in other words you are a budding pro. You know way more than 97% of chess players around the world. People study their whole life and study hard very very hard and never get beyond 17-1800. Some never get beyond 1600. You have a rating many would give their right arm for. YOU ARE VERY HUMBLE which is great to see . Nothing brings disgust and dislike faster than someone who is exceptionally good or better than average and rubbing it in just to make themselves feel superior oh you know someone like that narcissist Nakamura.

  6. It was really helpful seeing how you learned from the game, and continously thinking about what the opponents move does. What was inspiring was seeing that even when you thought everything was fine, it wasn't, and you still were very positive about the learning you got from the Game, not getting disheartened. As a beginner, this has been helpful!

  7. i just discovered your chess videos and they are beyond great! very good lessons and eplained ideas during your thinking!

  8. You are my hero man and please keep working

  9. Keep your head up! Keep working, and you'll improve!

    I'm going to get back into my routine after about a 4 month break! Learning is often daunting! We face challenges in life that take us away. We get through it, though!

    I look forward to your videos. They helps me grow.

  10. Steppan your content is amazing! I only started playing 10 months ago. You have inspired several training processes that have led to the greatest learning experiences I've had. After my first otb tournament I took your recommendation to build a focused repertoire on lichess, and study individual moves deeper and deeper into theory. It has been invaluable and as a d4 player I no longer struggle to get solid positions against the slav defense, the englund gambit, the benoni, etc. I learned from you how to evaluate pawn structures and the Carlsbad structure is now one of my favorites. I am confident navigating it in the QGD and Caro Kann, which I also learned all the theory from you. I have watched many of your middle game strategy ideas in full and today, I recognized an ideal Greek Gift Sacrifice and played it without hesitation and was able to properly calculate to checkmate according to the engine. I would just like to say a big Thank You! I recommend you to all my friends that play

  11. You're the reason I went from 1000 to 1500 in a month ❤️

  12. You're awesome, I really enjoy your videos in general they are very instructive, thank you 👍

  13. Playing new openings is uncomfortable. But you trounced your opponent! 👏👏💪🏾💪🏾

  14. I think you are worse in that position because you don't have a good attacking plan. f4 helps black more than white. Just look at his pieces. Dead bishops, terrible knight on d7, after f4 and exchange you make his pieces come to life. This is a typical misconception.
    Black is better even without white's f4 because black has a clear plan, just open the a file and attack the b3 pawn. That's what I see at least.

  15. Do you want to be a GM or chess is your hobby?

  16. the sound of the computer fan is fine you can stop apologizing and thank you so much your content really helped us a lot

  17. I would just say that even though one player might control a pawn break, they have to make sure that the pawn break is actually good for them before playing it!

  18. Hello Stjepan, this comment is not related to the game/video. Have you ever tried the Catalan? especially the more traditional lines with early Qc2 where you don't have to worry about a lot of theory and being down a pawn for very complex compensation. I think i'm close to your skill level and since I started playing catalan, my rating increased over 100 points (now 2350 on lichess). And defeated a good amount of titled players who are supposed to have good responses against it. I'm really enjoying the catalan, it's very easy to the opponent mess something up and you get an absurd positional bind, or the opponent knows theory and goes to a inferior middlegame with the typical Bb7 setup or inferior endgame with some pressure on the queenside, where all resulting positions are very similar and hard to make big blunders for white.
    I think you should give it a try some day (also has some similarity with some lines of the english).

  19. Maybe engine at say 17:00 likes black's space and any f5 would likely strongly favour black. It is funny that black built up a big advantage unintentionally, but had no idea he had done so or what it consisted of.

  20. Why were you calculating Bd6 after Nxe5? The queen is under attack

  21. nothing to be ashamed of, the english is super complicated and the theory for it is just endless.

  22. Hello, when will you resume English theory series? Great video 😊 Will there be some tournament in Zagreb during the fall?

  23. Your humility that you know nothing about chess is the starting point of learning new thing

    Onwards and upwards

  24. I'm only 1500 but I find evaluating closed positions very difficult and tricky. It's a little relieving to see a 2000 player have the same difficulties

  25. English is a Sicilian a move up so those are the type of plans you’re looking for. Still a double edge sword if your pieces are on the wrong squares. Gg

  26. You have to be the most prepared chess player, even taking mosquito bites into your training 😅

  27. This is confusing. Surely black is better just because they have more space. Some of your pieces barely had any moves — the knight on g3 could only move to h1 for a while! I wouldn't want to play a position like that as white because it was so cramped. It was interesting that you seemed so happy with it.

  28. Do not worry about your computer, the noise makes me more concentrated on the game.
    Loving your content!

  29. So yeah there are positions that arise where the d4 transposition is definitely the way to go. It's part of the reason the English is good, as most of those transpositions at the right moment are favorable for white. If you plow on ahead with English structures anyway you get in to some of the weaker aspects of the opening that shouldn't really see the light of day outside of blitz.

  30. The problem with many English players is that they NEVER EVER play d4 even if it is the best move in the position because they want to stick to their English opening and not transpose and what happens is they end up being worse.

  31. Isnt it because of development, space? Great vids cheers

  32. You know nothing about chess?, welcome to the 99%ers lol

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