I might be a Chess Cheater

I might be cheating at chess

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  1. I haven’t watched you in a long time why did you stop playing fortnight

  2. 3:43 I think black would have won the game with Qh4 here.

  3. Can I play with u,maybe you have time to play with me

  4. He’s not cheating u just fell for the Greek gift

  5. you are so bad at clicking it actually physically hurts me, are you playing with a ps4 controller?

  6. Plss Start again with Fortnite plsss you were so good plsssssssss we are missing You❤️

  7. Here's the moves it starts with
    Knight on the board
    Take the piece only to borrow
    And let em know who sent it

  8. They closed my other account for cheating also I let my daughter play on the account Also I didn't care about the elo I had a day off and destroyed like 11 or 12 people in a row and got up to a 600 elo from my daughters 500 something my new account now I have only played on and I'm sitting at 702 with 55+ achievements and it's only been active for two days counting today lol

  9. Remember seeing this on stream lol. Keep up the great work!

  10. Greek gifted in the fantasy, interesting, although I don't like the e6 variations anyway.

    I like the variant with
    f3 dxe
    fxe e5
    Nf3 Bg4
    Bc4 Nd7

    Nd7 is important to play first to strengthen the e5 pawn which otherwise could be abused for tricks.
    But otherwise it's pretty simple to build behind it and hold the position just by the pawn.

  11. Does it count as cheating to watch someone this good at the game?

  12. not sure if the cheating accusation is sincere, but it comes across as being a bad loser in the moment

  13. Remember you used to play Fortnite I miss u😢😢

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