I Played Blindfold Chess Against My Subscriber

My first blindfold chess game in a while…featuring my little sister 🙂

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Outro Song: Space Groove by Wieland & Ulrich


  1. 6:25 getting every piece right 15 moves in is ridiculous, sick stuff

  2. You are amazing, I've been watching your videos. Keep it up.

  3. Child abuse or building character. Whichever.

  4. thanks for the game Alyssa! you arre soo good!

  5. Incredible you can play blindfolded! You and Emily did great

  6. i saw the game earlier didnt know you were blindfolded lol

  7. Oh, this is Emily that everyone talks about, shes adorable and so polite! Nice video!

  8. This is when Emily takes over the channel.

  9. I have no idea if this is possible, but I hope that you keep posting videos during your vacation.

  10. This was amazing to watch how good you can picture the board. Thanks for the game we played after. You saw that pin on my f2 pawn blindfolded and snagged my knight on f3. You're a monster Alyssa :p

  11. Well played. this must've been extremely hard to do it blindfold. Oh and finally met the famous Emily !! very adorable

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