I ruined everything.

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  1. Just a few losses doesn’t make you a huge idiot

  2. What did you learn from the experience? … And off the subject, do you believe that it’s possible that you could produce content on a Bobby Fischer game which would make him seem great or special? I ask because I find his styles uninteresting and dry and boring, and maybe there’s something I’m missing which is to be appreciated. If it was Tal, he wouldn’t need a bright personality for a presentation. If you think it’s possible, I wouldn’t mind watching. With thanks.

  3. If you are idiot then i want to become that idiot

  4. "I am a huge idiot"
    AGREED! 💯 (I'm autistic)

  5. I was the grandmaster I would probably refuse

  6. I know, you are an idiot because you are not dating me.

  7. Moral of the story:

    Listen to a person who has a higher elo than you.

  8. I agree with the start. I have the same condition.

  9. Nobody:-

    Levy:- I am a huge idiot

    Me:- …

  10. Me aswell, but you’re still smarter when it comes to something, and that’s chess

  11. "The world's ending and im gonna tell you why."

  12. You don't need to tell us the reason bro, we know you are

  13. Me :- scrolling the shorts
    Levy:- I'm a huge idiot, and I'm gonna tell you why ?

  14. I don’t think the online celebrity Levy Rozman otherwise known as Gothamchess is an idiot

  15. When the meme brain intrusive thoughts are too strong

  16. If the no 2 chess player gave me a suggestion I'd take it. What were you thinking?!

  17. Opponent-e4
    Hikaru-ohh can't believe he blundered mate in 37

  18. Only 58 elo more then u will become a GM but it will take 58 years

  19. bro really said "Don't win the game,win the audience"

  20. And he sacrificed…HIKARU'S BRILLIANT MOVES!!!

  21. You are better than bro i lost against martin

  22. You may have lost, but the memes ALWAYS take priority.

  23. whose here after he sacrified, THE ROOOOKKKKK, and beat a GM

  24. Uzbek sila❤❤❤😂 There is uzbekistan flag.

  25. "im a huge idiot"
    U said it millions of times levy

  26. “I am a huge idiot”

    We all know that

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