I Tried The Insanity That Is Bullet Chess

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  1. Blundered the Queen then missed mate in two 😂 that’s about how my bullet games go too lol

  2. I don't know how this got suggested to me by the YouTube algorithm, but I'm here and enjoying it. I think you can learn a lot from bullet – even though you don't think for a long time, but you get to encounter hundreds and thousands of situations and repeat them, so really learn those. If you play one game for one hour, you'll maybe learn that line, but then you have to repeat to consolidate it. BTW, just watching the 1st game and was itching so badly to see you had checkmate in about 6 moves or so right when you played 0-0 (that after the edge in seat queen blunder) Instead of castle play: 1.Rb1+ Ka8 2. Bb7+ Kb7 3. Bxc6+ Kc8 4.B×a7 threatening Rb8++, which cannot be defended only by sacrificing the rook on d1 and then Kd7 if needed, but hard in bullet and then crushing anyway. You'd say "but wait, how do I see that in a few sec?" A: after playing thousands of bullet games! 😅

  3. I love bullet chess, it does help you with calculating fast positions, but it does take a while to develop to the fast time.

  4. Hey cornered chess im higher rated than you do you want to play a match

    Also you missed rook b 1 whe. The bishop was cutting of the king

  5. 1:48 Bro has Mate in 1: "I don't think that does very much though"

  6. I had a lot of fun playing with you and watching your perspective!! GG

  7. This is a man who has found his crack cocaine.

  8. Bro missed mates like the purpose of chess is to protect opponent’s king

  9. I just like how cornered chess is always happy in his chess streams. Winning, losing, he just enjoys the game…

  10. @1:15 "We must get the queen out of danger".
    Is Qxd8 a good square?

  11. Great video. Can you change the title to a grammatically correct version? "I witnessed the insanity of bullet chess" reads much more appealing.

  12. LoL seeing your reaction is hilarious 😆
    you must do bullet chess about once a week i hope

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