I used the London to Surprise him with THIS Double Brilliancy!

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  1. Brah's gotta stop breaking the engine. A-I is trying to have feelings too.

  2. One time after work, I went to pick up my child from school. When I arrived, my child was in floods of tears, having peed and pooped his pants and was still being bombarded with abuse from Eric and Aman – screaming "wow now that's a double brilliancy" and "that's definitely not theory". Don't support these guys.

  3. Aman's rating went from high 2700 to 2600😭😭😭

    and Eric's rating went from 2900 to 2800😭😭😭

  4. Nxd2!! Truly brilliant, how do you come up with such an idea!

  5. Good God that attack in the first game worked? I thought you were trolling. Insane tactical precision

  6. I love Aman's sarcasm. The most obvious move in the game is excellent?!
    The problem is that engines still rely on brute force. People put to much trust in AI. Just because engines seem to have so much confidence in their conclusion doesn't mean it is always right.

  7. i like how the brilliancy system went from "would magnus find the move given unlimited time? yes? not brilliant" to "does it lose on the spot? no? brilliant"

  8. If people don't understand why Nxd2 is a brilliancy, it's actually because it's very hard to move a knight backwards. Only titled players have acquired the skills necessary, to not just consider, but also execute, such a difficult technique.

  9. The game report is likely based on greater engine depth than your browser engine runs on. Possibly g4 is not a draw on greater depth. I guess you know that but pretended not to for comedic effect, which you did very well.

  10. The reason Nxd2 is a brilliancy is because it's really hard to remember which way the knight moves. Usually only GMs are capable of remembering but every once in a while a child prodigy will appear who can also do it.

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