I Want To Become A Chess Master.

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  1. I trying to reach 1000 and then get to 2000 by 50 years old.

  2. Being a young, rogue 1500 uscf, I dream of one day becoming an expert

  3. I look forward to following your journey to NM. You got this! With that being said what do you think is more important for improvement. Tactics or playing games / analyzing. Obviously both matter but what should I spend the most time with??

  4. good for you brother. go for it. my goal is to be a solid 2000+ on lichess rapid.

  5. Excellent discussion of move selection process & analysis of middle & endgame. The tactical themes that exploded once B’s pawn arrived locked in a g2 were instructive & enjoyable. Thanks!

  6. Congrats on another great win with the Hippo, Solomon! 🦛💪
    You definitely want to take things slow and steady with any Chess Title goal.
    We Hippo players are all about staying cool under pressure and taking everything in stride.
    I believe you can do it! We're all rooting for you! ♥

  7. Thank you for your great lessons.
    Good luck.
    But do watch out because your opponents really can prepare for your opening just by watching your great videos.

    You will make it

  8. i am 2300 online at 24 years old, 20 games into my uscf im 1600. ive been playing for three years. it is my passion and i believe i will be a master soon.

  9. All the best! My goal is to get a fide rating since I have yet to play a rated tournament and they are very rare in my country

  10. Yoooouuuuuuu’rrrrrrrrrre

  11. Nice game Solomon I’m rooting for you 🎉 HIPPO STRONG 🦛

  12. Wow, hearing you're 7 foot tall totally gave new meaning to your YouTube name!! Best of luck on your journey.

    Have really enjoyed your content, especially your b3 g7 videos 🙂

  13. I am trying to get 1000 elo currently at 860.

  14. Would you look at that! I also want to become a chess master haha!

  15. Playing chess since 1988 until 1994, lost interest up until 2021, when the love of the game returned to me, I've been playing for fun.

  16. Good luck with your quest, a worthy goal. I'm 68, and love spending my unlimited permanent vacation playing chess. I started playing seriously (somewhat) two years ago. I'm not very good, but I'm competitive at my level, and that was my goal. To be a tough out. Best wishes, and I enjoy your content.

  17. I will become a gm trust me mark my words

  18. Good luck to you man … I wish you the best and hope that you get there soon!

  19. Bro I'll tell you a secret. Blitz out puzzles on easier level day and night until you hit 2500. Voila! You're an NM. I have no chess goals. People don't realize puzzles contain every lesson you need to learn. They shouldn't be called puzzles, they should be called lessons.

  20. Good luck, Mr. Ruddel! You are a sportsman and a great chess instructor, and you have a sharp, analytical mind – I'm pretty sure that your CM/NM title is only a matter of (a short) time.

  21. Go for it Solomon you got this. My goals are to play more chess and make it to 1000

  22. Good luck man, bring that NM honor to the Hippo!

    As for myself, I’m playing the long game: learned the rules as a kid, but didn’t start learning theory ‘til my mid 20’s. By the time I’m 60, I’m gonna be at least 2000 online. Whether I get OTB rated, or aim higher later is to be determined, but I’m gonna hit 2000 one way or another. 😂

  23. all the best to you, Solomon! nice game & great explanation (as usual 👍 )

  24. Men you are in the best spot ever, you love the game, you have a very good level already, and a you have a clear goal. Enjoy it!

  25. Oh so that’s why you’re name is chess giant, very clever.

  26. Btw what are the quests to became a chess master

  27. Could you please discuss makhail tal games

  28. Becoming a GM, But obviously thats not easiest title to get

  29. I know you'll become a FM. Great video.

  30. Please make a video on Rosentreter gambit in the Italian game

  31. You should do a video on your basketball career. Sounds very interesting

  32. Love your journey Solomon. I see a book out of this “The Road to Mastery” with hippo graphics

  33. What training do you do. Maybe start doing vids on your training

  34. im 17 and 1700 and i wanna get “good” and wanna see more geometrical endgame moves and master middlegames and kings indian and maybe the najdorf but i like e5.

  35. Best wishes Solomon!!!! Hope for real you'll achieve your goal!
    My goal is very little, to just stop blunder and have better skills 😀

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