I Was SHOCKED When I Realized Who My Opponent Was…

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  1. I love the conversation in the back where the dude just tryna bag the girl

  2. That Bh6 was GM level IQ 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  3. he looks like an indian version of you………….

  4. I was yet again… entertained. Ty Levy

  5. Will you please make a video on the krejcik gambit on how to stop it and how to play it?

  6. Oh my gawd ALFA MIST PLAYING IN THE BG. This is content for me

  7. let's visit that place instead of titled tuesday in the future. You seemed to have enjoyed it so much more.

  8. Just watching two people pretending how not to play chess and how not to speak english.

  9. Mans really just said “Ima be GM” then dipped.

  10. Love this style of content, watching you play in general. Your confidence throughout both games was insane

  11. Levi took the win seriously and has left for becoming a GM

  12. This was great. You should do an analysis of this for us 500's.

  13. You can tell by the way they are analyzing the game while they go just the step that Levy is above Sagar (no disrespect to Sagar) I hope they both achieve GM!

    Also, where's the clock? 😂

  14. "….that's what I like about chess… it's a constant conversation about who is the bigger idiot."

  15. Thanks Levy for putting these games! 🙂 It was a pleasure playing against you! I enjoyed how our styles clashed (especially in game 2) where my more static understanding of the position collided with your dynamic understanding! Best wishes as you move towards your GM title.

  16. It’s so wild that at 6:15 or so in the background I heard someone saying “this is not a problem with the London, it’s user error” and immediately knew that I had seen that clip on someone’s channel before as well.

  17. I thought , The ROOKKKK!!!? Was coming 😂

  18. It's impossible that Levy is an IM, he is a GM level i swear

  19. The dude in the background belike i should be better than everyone right?

  20. "chess is all about the conversation of who's more idiot"💀

  21. He said he knows every opening but what about van't kruijs? 😂

  22. When bro said whats happening and levy said mate that was funny asf

  23. The people in the background sound stupid😂. "Its so unfair that other people are better than me at chess"

  24. BS he's never heard of Rosen. He's too full of himself

  25. i was looking at the girls moves in background😎😎😎😎

  26. from quitting chess to loving it what a levy rozman to say

  27. Chess is all about who is the bigger idiot – Levy Rozeman

  28. This is a great format. Friendly games over the board with lots of banter. Love it.

  29. please more like this. this was my favorite video of yours in a long time, it was so chill and relaxing…

  30. Two if my favorite internet chess guys hanging out together. Pretty cool.

  31. I love this guy. Sagars vibe is so positive and hes naturally funny

  32. On the second game he missed a nice fork. Against Levy

  33. I wish there was a cool bar hosting chess and playing smooth jazz in my area 🥺

  34. Sagar Shah vs Gotham chess! what do we need more?

  35. I love how he makes computer-like moves back and fourth with queen that slowly increasing his chances

  36. what was this from i hear slime talking about ludwig and other streamers in the background

  37. I love how both of them have no idea what's going on like "yeah I think that move is fine" xd

  38. Hey @gothamchess. Try some meditation. I think if you created some distance from your mind you can see with more clarity of the decisions you feel compelled to make as to deciding them consciously.

  39. 1:11 I was expecting that exact answer from Levy about Eric Rosen 😂

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