INSANE Magnus Sacrifice!

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  1. I am guessing that the point of sacrificing the rook is just to prevent a possible chance of the white knight at d3 from moving to b2, which would have prevented magnus's queen from going to d1.

  2. Next short: “this is the most mind boggling interaction in chess, I’ve seen in my life” – gotham

  3. well I think he could still deliver the smothered mate without the rook sacrifice

  4. Did he really need to sacrifice rook here, I don’t understand

  5. Why did he need to sacrifice the rook to do that?

  6. Dude I literally checkmated someone as black with horse in the exact white's position and now Iam watching this yt short

  7. When knights to e3+ was played by magnus, instead of moving the king, white should have captured the knight with the bishop or pawn, stopping checkmate

  8. "sacrificing" the rook isn't changing anything following thereafter . . .

  9. First one is also good queen takes pawn king shifts to e1 check by knight queen again on d1 knight on e3 king shifts again on e1 queen to d1 rook takes queen and knight on b2
    Does i have surpassed magnus carlsen?

  10. I think for every 500 rating you gain, you are able to think one extra move ahead😂😂😂

  11. Jesus!, how did he see that sequence of moves?

  12. THE ROOK !!!! OMG !!!! hahaha your funny.

  13. why wouldn't white take the rook with their queen?

  14. i dont get why he sacrificed the rook, his plan would work even with that knight there

  15. That's why I love magnus I want being like him

  16. "THE ROOOOOOK" is my new alarm and notification sound! 😆

  17. Bobby Fischer did it before computers we're programmed to play chess. On a somewhat Level Playing Field Bobby Fischer absolutely destroys Carlson

  18. Don’t understand what he is saying… I guess Magnus is super-good. It’s hard to even understand who is the winner in these games….l guess the loser offers up the hand shake….

  19. Why did the opponent take the rook then? Did they just not see the checkmate, or is there something I’m missing?

  20. Would t it also work if you didn’t sacrifice the rook?

  21. What is the point of the rook sacrifice?

  22. This man makes chess fun 😂
    I'm hooked 😅

    It's like Bats training us in Gotham grounds 😊

  23. you dont even need to sacrifice the rook bro really wanted gotham to say the rooooook

  24. ppl say hikaru is close to magnus level. pls guys when have u ever seen hikaru pull out a move like this?

  25. Damn that may be the most impressive and unique checkmate ive ever seen

  26. I will never see the knight will 100% take the rook with the queen😂

  27. I sacked a rook to promote and I'm only 180elo

  28. what if queen takes rook instead of knight though

  29. Actually the sacrifice of the rock does not Influence in the play

  30. I swear to god if he makes one more video about Magnus….

  31. These guys couldn't beat the true champions of chess.fisher Kasparov

  32. Magnus's opponent: takes rook with queen

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