Is a Perfect Titled Tuesday Possible These Days?

March 12, 2024, Early TT Part 1.
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  1. Why aren’t you accepting Hans’ challenge?

  2. Watching you play live and literally calling the status of the black and white bar (without you yourself seeing it) is truly EPIC!
    It show just how gifted you are.
    Thx for the content brother!

  3. Caralho Hikaru, come que nem gente porra

  4. Very chill music indeed. As the gummy takes effect I feel the earth slipping.

  5. Hikaru breaking meme rules right away by checkmating with queen instead of Nh6# which would ve been worth more style points 😢.

  6. The very elementary commentary, and selecting the move that just happens to work that is not findable by such a simple level of analysis … seems odd to me.

  7. I know someone who would find a perfect performance in Titled Tuesday to be very “interesting”

  8. IMO
    Less face-cam more chess board on screen

  9. If not for being rosen hikaru wouldnt have been spooked into missing a m1

  10. C4 right away @ 26:43?? can someone explain only 1700 elo

  11. Why does he look like adam driver for 5 seconds at the beggining

  12. Since Kramnik called Hikaru's play "very interesting", every video of Hikaru is full of "very interesting" comments 🥴

  13. Why resign after 3 moves with Kramnik?

  14. One thing I’ve learned from Hikaru, play while you’re eating.

  15. Hikaru you are a master troll with your eating on stream. It's horrible, it's horrific, it's a horror story come to life. I don't want to see you eat, you villain. It's fucking gross lol. You're the man.

  16. Hey dude, I wanna be the best chess player in the whole world and I tell you be careful ‘cause in 10 years when I will be major I will come to beat you all

  17. I just set up some random position for two bishop vs king and played stockfish

  18. Good lord. Nobody wants Hikarus hottakes. Just low iq garbage that he tries to spin as something profound.

  19. Where is the bullet game that gotham made a video about ??
    It was super fkin legendary game by the one and only Hikaruuuuuu

  20. hikaru "I can suck something soon" haha

  21. Caruana said “I am going to bone up on scholar’s mate and appealing to people who can barely speak english”

  22. ya know, short selling and not caring. So 😎

  23. If I remember correctly, daylight savings time changes are a week apart between the USA and Western Europe. Absolutely love watching your videos. Very educational.

  24. What if Hikaru was pronounced like Hi-karu

  25. I like that he missed Qh2# at 18:30. Sometimes you are reminded that he is a human after all!

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