Learn the King’s Indian Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the King’s Indian in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. I watched your vid, tried it and got a forced checkmate 1st try! I really like how this defense protects the king. Thank you Levy from 2 years ago

  2. It’s funny because I play the Reti almost exclusively because I am casual and it’s not as if I’m playing competitively where somebody is going to know I play reti all the time

    That being said I’m still not entirely sure the difference between that and the kings Indian. I know the reti has the gambit option but yeah I love this opening but I have not really looked into why it is used as far as trial and error after move 3 lol

    I’m not usually a fan of just going with the computer best book move because it does not always account for tactics. I like your channel because you explain discretion when explaining book moves

    I watched your Stonewall and I am looking forward to watching this one. Basically I think Knight out 1st is the Sicilian for white. So many variations and you can focus on developing as you have an immediate center advantage and pushing center pawn isn’t a top priority

  3. I honestly hate this defense. It's like an instant hack for beginners to jump up 400 elo. I'm more interested in how to play against it and defeat it than play what everyone and their mother is playing.

  4. I was playing this without knowing theory but still somehow would win a really good opening,it hit me just now that I should check the theory to use this

  5. This opening carried me from 500 to 1050 elo its a good defense to play if you want to boost elo

  6. 0 coffee 0 tea I'm pretty surely one healthy persons on earth 💀💀💀💀

  7. Literally watching this because I am tired of French setup

  8. This opening is guiding me from 1400 ELO to higher

  9. Coffee – 1 to 2 cups a day, made in my stovetop espresso maker. Nice video, thank you!

  10. I shall use this, thank you! Now I know how to play this without squishing my pieces in one single place…

  11. Coffee but I'm not an avid coffee drinker so maybe like once a week.

  12. 3:28 isn't that bishop important for a further sacrifice in h6 to deliver mate?

  13. ty i have experienced a few of these variations u showed and will review those games later.

  14. If you push the e4 pawn with what pawn do you take if they attack

  15. coffee, but tea is also very good ahah

  16. just wondering, why at 4:32, does white not just push their pawn to e5? they have better Center, and they would win a tempo. is there a reason to not do that?

  17. If you're not understanding this video you definitely drink tea

  18. coffe like and as much as the coffe machine gives me

  19. ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ Hip Cat Records¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ says:

    Coffee 2 cups. Just subbed, been watching your videos for awhile tho. 🙂 great stuff—always.

  20. haha i’m learning this opening from the future. i’m a tea drinker probably like 1-2 cups a day

  21. in response to the e5 move by white, why would you trade the queens in the center if it doesn't prevent the opponent from castling?

  22. Just got started with chess and chose this opening to start with… Went from 200 to 500 elo in 55 games 🤙

  23. WELL THEN! When I was in chess club in highschool (Very casual, we never went over openings or strategies or anything, we just played), I kept trying to do an opening like the position at 2:01. Felt like a natural idea rather than fight over the middle to just undermine from the side.

    I think I was using it totally wrong because I always wanted to move my H pawn to H4 so I could decide whether to put the bishop on G2 or H3.

  24. I didnt even know that this is indian, i was judst playing blitz then the dude said i played the kings indian wrong so now im here

  25. Its my favorite opening. But didn't knew it have a name

  26. I like the opening but whenever i tried it i get kicked😂

  27. For black, once you put the knight out the pawn could attack. What do you do then?

  28. what do we do if our knight gets atacked we trade pawns then queens then what our knights is still atacked

  29. Gotham never make scripts for video he direct create conversation

  30. if you play kings indian please just learn the trompowsky too

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