Learn the King’s Indian Setup | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Learn the King’s Indian in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. "Can be played with anything that white plays"

    my opponent plays nonsense move and i just confused

  2. i tried this and first thing my opponent done was taking my bishop

  3. I'm about a 900, was trying to do London with white and scandi/caro with black…and it was a nightmare to try to remember everything (at least at this point).

    Just tried KI for a few games against the 1000 bot, both white and black, and it works really well. Thanks!

  4. At 1:00, what's stopping black from going e4, taking the white pawn after capture with e5, then still threatening the knight anyway?

    EDIT: Got it, e5 is protecting a queen exchange, after that, the knight can move to the guarded space 😂

  5. Thank you for this. As a 660 rated player I STRUGGLING. I need a consistent opening. Although this opening is more passive an I find myself being a more aggressive chess player. Regardless I will try it an just work on my opening game!

  6. Just tried this opening, won fabulously . Every move was in my favour , the endgame went smoothly aswel. Didnt lose too much material Nd most importantly IT WAS FUN!~

  7. if I play d3 but my opponent still attacks trading pawns and putting my knight under attack in the end, how is this bad for him? how can i use this to my advantage

  8. Tried this out… Me as white: KID… my opponent: KID… I see, a gotham fan…

  9. When you played Knight D2 to finish White's development, it really felt like I was watching a Hippopotamus defense 😅

  10. Can you please upload nimzo Larsen attack opening…

  11. Decaf coffee and decaf green tea but lots of chocolate while playing. Thanks Levy for great vids.

  12. It's absolutely wrong to recommend this against e4.

  13. im so happy i found this, london system gets boring fast and the only defense I know is Scandinavian but they don't always play e4 lmao and then I just end up doing a black side london system bc idk what to do,. But works with wtv they play and both side???? Yeah I'm studying this opening for a long time

  14. searched for vocaloid song
    watching this video

  15. Coffee, and poor student me doesn't drink any.

  16. Tea, always at least 3 cups, if I've got the day to myself (i.e. not at work or church) I'll have up to 3 pots worth (about 3-4 litres + milk on top of that)

  17. I don't usually comment, but thanks for this and all your videos. Oh, and coffee, 5 cups a day.

  18. No, I did not catch the game last night Stop asking says:

    0:52 I have a question, couldn't black still push here? I guess after dxe4 and dxe4 you could trade queens and force the knight to go do d8 which is a really weird and probably sub optimal way to start the game, but what if black used just one extra move from that setup to go Bd7 and white castled as per the opening says, couldn't black now push? Because now after takes takes your knight is still under attack. What then? Or why would this not be possible/good for black?

  19. I try to follow along to get familiar with the positions, then Gotham just decides

    "You could also go back five moves and play this instead"

    Ohok just let me set up the board again in half a second.

  20. Coffee, two cups. Keep your leaf water, I want the beans

  21. ~1100 player here, been practicing the King's Indian opening recently…. wow this really helped understand some key mistakes I was making.

  22. That moment when he says 1000-1500 amateur and you're a 400

  23. thanks for the quick intro, it really pays off 🙂

  24. What would king Levy play as black against this:

    1. Nc3 g62. d4

    Thanks 🙏

  25. Thanks gotham, after watching this vid i've been losing less and my win streak has kept increasing!

  26. Wow, great video! Now I know how to play Kings Indian on both sides AND the Grob attack.

  27. Never Ever play Kings Indian against London players
    ~ a lost soldier.

  28. This opening seems to set me up for more consistent wins with better consistency ratings. Thanks!

  29. "For the 1500 rated player, for the 1000 rated player…."
    cries in 600

  30. I’ve been getting destroyed against fried liver with kings Indian. Any advice?

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