Lego Castle Chess

This video will show some details of the Lego Castle giant chess set. The main reason I made this though was to show how to store it once it’s built. It’s the only method I could figure out, as the instructions don’t actually cover this aspect.

Haha, sorry my voice sounds so boring but I was pretty tired.

Overall, awesome set and very functional as a chess set (unlike some of Lego’s past chess designs).


  1. Don’t disrespect the sleeve your lucky you have one mine has the whole back cut off because of disrespectful and impatient people like you. And I still payed nearly $600 to get it with the parts box cut off too.

  2. my brother order this chess, and he would like to know if this chess includes plan-how to build the chess, we dont dont know, if its built alredy or not, thanks

  3. i have this and i tore it apart so i could just use the pecies

  4. You're so lucky to have it, it costs like 800 dollars second hand in 2020

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