Listen To What Other Players Think Of Magnus Carlsen

Listen To What Other Players Think Of Magnus Carlsen

No, I’m Not Ludwing!

This video Style was inspired by channels like Classical and CHECKMATE.

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  1. Is it hard to learn how to pronounce a player's name correctly? It is if you are arrogant, ignorant, and disrespectful. Take a little time and learn something.

  2. Poor Ian, this guy can't even say his name right 💀

  3. If only you had bothered to learn the pronunciation of the name 😕

  4. Absolutely butchered Ian's surname lmao

  5. he's so good he he can squeeze stone from water…

  6. I liked very much the prenonciation of his name, made me laol

  7. 01:23 "Most chess players agree that hes a highly talented player" bruh

  8. Nepo's nationality changed from Russia to Japanese 😅

  9. Human achievments are fascinating! I wish Carlsen Magnus a happy retirement and to reach the highest elo rating. In the meantime chess is a fun game to play, not because of one's rating or money pool, but because it makes a person interact with another, sure the challenge is there in many ways but so the fun can be there too.

  10. who cares what Levy thinks? Levy sucks

  11. Kasparov's rating peak was 2856, not 2800 as is stated at 6:07. No one was remotely near Kasparov throughout his entire career, and Karpov was the only player within a hundred points of Kasparov for more than half the time Kasparov was champion.

  12. gandwe, that's IAN – NEPOM-NEE-YAA-TCHEEE

  13. U can beat magnus online, by mouse slip😎

  14. Unbelievable pronunciations 🤦‍♂️

  15. I can not agree with that. Sure, Magnus Carlsen is one of the best chess players of all time, but really the greatest?

    A big line has to be drawn between the generation that learned without computer support and those that grew up with computers.

    For example, I can imagine that a Bobby Fischer who learned on the computer would have been a monster at chess for everybody today including Carlsen.

  16. Nepomantachi, squeeze stone from water… jesus christ

  17. How are you a chess channel and you don know how to say these people's names?

  18. God damn the way he pronounces Nepo’s name is weird as fuck

  19. Meanwhile, Hans Niemann reaching 4000 ELO with 101% accuracy be like: "points speak for itself" * leaves *

  20. Players don't have a higher rating, because they understand the gane better.
    That is a false claim. ELO ratings are having an inflationary tendency, and Karpov wozuld in todays time be a feared player, residing in the Top 5.

  21. Google pronunciation of names before making a video, dear god

  22. When you’re world champion your world champion for life. It’s a title

  23. I think if hikaru gets 2nd magnus plays against nepo

  24. I like that clip of him and Anish playing casual Chess together.

  25. I really wanted Hikaru to make it, he came so close

  26. bro you have a chess youtube channel, you can't go around saying Nepopistacho.

  27. This video is way longer than it needs to be, give like a 30 second commentary and then show the clip, repeat 3 times done.

  28. Downvoted for not pronouncing anyones name correctly

  29. So basically who says carlsen is not the greatest no matter what is his peak rating. Lol
    So listen you give the argument that he has more resources to learn more deeply than fisher, morphy, kasporv … But that doesn't matter also because
    Carlsen have resources but he is not playing against some early 90's player, he is playing with his own generation who have resources too like magnus and that his how competition grow up i think in today's competitive world 2800 rating is almost equal to that time 2900 rating (in fisher's time line) and 2850 is equal to 2900 in Kosporv time


  31. Bro sounds like Metro Man choosing to do something else with his life after being fed up with overpowers

  32. I simply can't fathom it… I just… can't. I mean, seriously. It's not just about the 'walking away'–it's about letting someone else seize the moment. Allowing them to experience that thrill. Magnus has permanently snatched that electrifying sensation from the universe and robbed another dedicated chess enthusiast of it. Today, the chess world is feeling a mix of emotions – it's kinda bittersweet, but also super exciting at the same time. So much hype for the game of chess, and yet some very rare and questionable antics from our generational (ex)champion.

  33. I stopped caring what you said after you said Ian’s name.

  34. "Squish stone from water"
    My man you need to avoid alcohol

  35. The elo rating part is not really accurate. Look up elo inflation. Essentially over time, with an increase in the number of players, elos will naturally inflate

  36. Good video. But the title is just clickbait. A bit disappointing

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