Listen To What Other Players Think Of Magnus Carlsen

Listen To What Other Players Think Of Magnus Carlsen

No, I’m Not Ludwing!

This video Style was inspired by channels like Classical and CHECKMATE.

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  1. 2:03 This is new for Magnus though he didnt play like that some years back so I dont think thats the reason his the greatest

  2. For you and your viewers: Ian Nepomniachtchi is pronounced: "Yahn Ne-pom-ne-she"

  3. Is this one of the more annoying and pointless videos on youtube?
    Yes, it is exactly that.

    Without all the annoying shit this video would have been 40 seconds long.

  4. One Nepo-mian-tachi will not be pleased with this video!
    Jokes apart, no matter how great Magnus is, I honestly don't think he'll ever reach 2900 now. Not that he's not as good as before, but simply he has lost motivation to play chess at the highest level.

  5. A rating alone cannot determine if you are the greatest of all time (GOAT). As more people play a game, ratings will naturally increase, and top players will have access to the same resources and game knowledge as those in earlier eras, like the Kasparov era in chess.

    In football, Pele was considered the GOAT because he outperformed his contemporaries. However, today he might struggle to find a place on a Premier League bench.

    Dominance in any field typically depends on having more dedication, resources, and connections than most of your peers.

    To accurately identify a GOAT, one must consider individuals with similar backgrounds and circumstances.

    Magnus Carlsen comes closest to this description in chess. With more people playing chess today compared to the Kasparov era, and easier access to resources and networking, the playing field is more level. Despite this, Carlsen's continued dominance in a more competitive environment highlights his status as the true GOAT in chess.

  6. What I learned from this video…

    …is that you should stick to "Nepo".

  7. The only reason why he can reach 2900 and other chess players like Capa Blanca or Fisher couldn't is because they didn't had internet to so…

  8. Why does it have such silly statements as "magnus is a generational talent" well yes clearly, hes the world champion and highest rated player. Jesus lol

  9. Gotham chess is a mediocre IM. What he says about MC is of zero importance.

  10. Fischer's best was the best. 20 wins in a row against top GMs including Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosyan. Estimated ELO over 2900 adjusting for elo inflation.

    But then he wimped out and did not play Karpov.

  11. Magnus is still world champion, he still has the title in blitz and rapid

  12. Magnus is great, arguably the greatest of all time however, Bobby Fischer will always be my favorite.

  13. “Squeeze stone from water” WHAT —this video is terrible lol

  14. You forgot to ad "is a genius".

  15. Correct pronounciation should be iam nepomishi

  16. Is this an AI speaker? He nearly speaks on every dramatic video on YouTube right now? I respect AI generated contend but if every video uses it, it becomes very boring at some time. The background music of this video was also a little bit overdramatic like it was a James Bond chase situation.

  17. Stopped watching after you butchered Nepo's name because it is obvious you do not know anything about chess

  18. When it’s your first week of learning chess

  19. the pronunciation of Ian's name was soo funny)))

  20. Who is Ding? Carlsen is the Real champ!

  21. you butcher nepo's name like no other man has done before xD

  22. In Norway one of the commentators of chess games is a professor in Russian, so ill trust his pronunciation over this one…

  23. The mental image of someone trying to squeeze a stone from water is too much.

  24. Think you misunderstand, its not ’squeeze stone from water’, its ’squeeze water from stone’.

  25. I like this player Ian Nepom Nem Tai Chi Chuan.

  26. Magnus has said he does not go for the 2900 anymore, and he only has used it to be motivated and diciplined, but now more into fun like poker.

  27. 2900 is almost impossible to in this era where computers have refined top GMs understanding of chess. which means draws are a norm when they are playing well. every draw will drag Magnus rating down.. so it does not matter if he remains undefeated for ever, his rating will still go down.

  28. Bro used the most diligent clip to represent gotham

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