Lords Mobile – How to get the Stellar Tree castle for skin – Tips & Tricks for F2P players

In this Lords Mobile video, I explain my strategy to unlock the Stellar Tree castle skin for free


  1. I was out mining gems when my shield went down😆 .. and got capped because I was replacing my bathroom faucets in real life. So the first 3 days, I pretty got zilch solo/hell/hunt chests due to having no leader. Oh well, there's always another castle skin event in the horizon. It does feel like the chest drops from hunting have decreased though for the Tree — I remember the Melody skin being pretty easy.

  2. Today's update: Apparently today seemed much better 82 Winter Chests 216 snowflakes. Hopefully tomorrow gets better.

  3. Todays update: 61 chests – 126 snowflakes Looks like I may drop the event after all. Taking an effect on my speeds, tomes, coins .

  4. I need the skin give-away the tokens pls IGG I'd = 791964056

  5. 69 at a time might not give best drop rate …but i like it anyway

  6. Teribble Drop in monster hunt Spend 50k energy Get just 8 chests 😭

  7. Is the tree even worth it? I think I will just get the avatar for points

  8. Unfortunately I don't think I have enough speed ups to do 40 hell events in the next 10 days. I think I'll not try this, even knowing this castle skin is one of the best ones, with atk and HP…

  9. I have only gotten 180 Magic snowflakes out of 80 winter chests for the last two days. Just to share.

  10. It will be costly this time around but Ill try. Wish you good luck guys.

  11. Drop rate on those chests: Imma ruin this man's whole career 😀

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