Magnus Carlsen and Gukesh are confused about the castling rules in Chess960!

They are world class GMs but sometimes the rules of castling in Chess960 can get complicated! Check out this video where Magnus Carlsen and Gukesh along with other players discuss the rules of castling with chief arbiter Johann Gregor and make sure that they know it well.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. What the heck are they talking about 😢

  2. Ding eyes are simply Ding Ding …come to the table …don't build castle on air.😂

  3. this is a good tournament as good as gct tournaments

  4. I am so proud of Gukesh 🎉 That he made himself such a tough player that he is talking casually with the top players of this planet

  5. Ding is the most disciplined kid of the class

  6. Levon is that bright student in class who clarifies even the class topper’s doubts but never tops the class himself 😂 meanwhile ding be like, I have no life left in me, I’m just a showpiece😂

  7. The most important question was about how the knight moves. It was on one of Magnus press conferences.

  8. Alternative title: „Great grandmasters are being taught the difficult castling rules“. I love it 😂❤

  9. If Magnus asks a question, you know there's something wrong with the rule.

  10. 3:16 "You can only castle, yeah, it's simple." Everyone nods. These guys are on another frequency.

  11. Magnus:- Chess 960 is more confusing than the word confusion itself

  12. Imagining this has nothing to do with 960 and is just general chess chat between GM's is hilarious to me

  13. Who else is surprised that carlsen is not clear on 960 castling rules?

  14. What about if the King starts on g1 and the Rook on f1. Can you pass a move by castling?

  15. This is one of my favourite videos, I love everything about it, I've rewatched the question part many many times, it's still funny after 10 times 😆

  16. Were the participants asked to dress so colorfully? Because I love it!

  17. He said you can castle on the first move… How??

  18. One of the most funny moments in chess history

  19. the castling mechanism is the stupidest rule in 960, I am telling that for a long time.
    It is the only move in chess that is defined by the result (the resulting position of the pieces will be this) instead of the process (the pieces will move in this manner).
    Let's take normal castling – the king moves 2 squares towards the rook (both in O-O and O-O-O), then the rook moves one square over the king.
    I would make the castling in 960 such that: the king moves half the distance (round up) towards the rook, then the rook moves one square over the king.
    This would look more natural:
    – it would result in normal castling, if the king and rooks would start on their usual squares (distance is 3 and 4, so it would move 2 squares in both cases)
    – when they are the same distance as in normal castling, just shifted, the resulting position would be also shifted the same way (K on a3 and R on a6 would result in K on a5 and R on a4
    – when K and R are next to each other, they would simply swap places (distance 1, half of it rounded up is 1)
    – when the K and R are far away, they would come to the middle (R on a1, K on a7 would result in Ka4,Ra5),

    it looks perfectly natural, they come closer together. no funny stuff like now when they sometimes go to the other side of the board…

    Edit: also, it would result in more different positions… sometimes the 960 transposes to "normal-looking position" too early

    PS: the thumbnail looks like there is Gilderoy Lockhart next to Magnus

  20. Levon is slowly becoming the neighborhood uncle who explains you the how this Govt policy will collapse or favor economy

  21. as always, Fiona "decorates" the atmosphere with her inadequate, dumb and incessant giggling, grinning like an idiot?! who is she and who is promoting her, she is even sitting in the first row, where the players are?! What is she doing there, since she has no concept of high-class chess, her rating is pathetic, and a female rating of 2150?!

  22. The collective brain power in this room is enough to run a power plant.

  23. its funny to see the chess world elite how they discuss the castling rules 😀

  24. well the Rooks are simply the samesame Rooks+#!! lol are those Pawns randomized each initial starting position??


  25. রাজাকে দুইবার চেক দিলে কি ক্যাসলিং করা যায়

  26. Can the king be castling if he is checked twice?

  27. When gukesh asked this question I knew he will win candidates 😊😊

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