Magnus Carlsen Thinks This is a RISKY MOVE without SEEING IT! (LITERALLY)


  1. Guys, I need to tell you something: Magnus is gay 🥺😡

  2. Ahh yes, I have entertained the common folks.

  3. They couldn't at least straighten his blindfold for him? 🤦‍♂️

  4. He can smell blood even if he is blindfolded. My man is the legend 🔥🔥

  5. He speaks about him self in the third person that’s THE 🐐

  6. Yo I could live forever trying to do this kind of memorization and never get it like he does

  7. 10 Tips to play like magnus.
    Starting from number 10,
    Tip#10: sit at the chess board, and play with yourself.

  8. Best best part is that the blindfold is not centered 😂

  9. Opposite side castling into my huge amount of queenside space and bishops and queen and rook pointing at you…. while I'm about to pawn storm you? That would be risky against a 1400.

  10. How can you just say B4 when both pawn and queen can move there. No need to specify?

  11. I watched the 30 minute video with his blindfold like this and nothing has agonized me more that this

  12. Ask him to face Blue chip computer like all time Genious Garry Kasprove

  13. Man the spatial memory capacity to blindly follow 3 games simultaneously while pressured by being center stage in front of 100s or more… It's truly a gift from God.

    Meanwhile these famous streamers needing moves related to an earpiece to play only one blind game.


  15. Why'd they do him dirty with that blindfold like that?

  16. Btw white (magnus) is much better than black in this position

  17. Like cmon man. Arguably the GOAT, and you give him a special Ed blindfold?

    At least like a samurai or something

  18. if you haven't seen the show, magnus play in 25 board game blindfolded

  19. Black has a stupid set up clearly doesn't know proper openings.

  20. Am from India..i get completely bowled out when magnus plays..what a pro he is ❤love from India

  21. "Interesting. The mask is clearly hacked" – Crymnik

  22. How is he going to calculate that when the casting is wrong?

  23. The full video is worth a watch. he is playing 3 boards blindfolded simultaneously.

  24. Way too easy for Magnus. They should only tell him every 2nd move of his opponent, make him guess.

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  26. Technically you need memory capacity of 64 bits to play chess am I wrong?

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