Magnus Carlsen vs Maxime Vachier-Lagrave #GRENKE Chess Classic 2024 Round 4

27 March 2024 The Return of A Legendary Tournament

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  1. you can tell gustafsson doesn't respect trent as a chess player lmao

  2. These two commentators are a treasure for chess .

  3. Im proud to say Im still undefeated against Magnus Carlsen

  4. STANDINGS ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. uhf…. commentators are really awkward….. but I normally like Gustafsson. If he is alone it is not that awkward. Only half. 😀

  6. 1:53:19 😂 .. Good thing Magnus didn't see that look MVL gave him.. there'd be armageddon by combat then and there itself

  7. Game of Ding and Vincent was the most strange and exciting endgame I ever seen .

  8. The speaking is ok but please don't move the piece out of the game

  9. After seeing 2 GMs blew their game, I feel good for myself😂

  10. be nice to stop showing the possible positions while the players are playing, its a bit to much sometimes,
    we can think by ourselfs, you are steeling the essential of the fun by overdoing it .

  11. Listening to these two commentators is very painful!! Both socially awkward people. One is clearly introverted.

  12. На право с конем сходи.

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