Magnus finds a brilliant Castling

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  1. This is absolutely how I made a brilliant castling! (O-O was a brilliant move!!)

  2. Holy crap.That was painful to watch. I do hope that player wasn't offended by the laughter.

  3. And there he is, Cagnus Marlsen, casually playing some nonsense and busting his titled opponent with a foolish looking castling move. This man is the goat. We truly have to appreciate him and his play while he’s still around 🐐

  4. Need to find that game with Karjakin that he's referring to.

  5. I thought u r talking about the yesterday game between magnus and vidit gujrati. That was brilliant because it was having a trap of Greek gift

  6. I cant even comprehend how fast he is playing and how he is playing but im stil watching its fun 😀

  7. Opinion on Alireza Fashion career:

    Magnus: Awesome, we need style in the chess world.

  8. Dude looks like the thumb from spy kids. Why his eyes so small

  9. Unfortunately that move is only possible if you're a GM

  10. 0-0 is a blunder because rook simply takes pawn. Nice try.

  11. I consider myself to have good memory recall in comparison to people I know, but Magnus makes me look like a fucking goldfish.

  12. I don't understand at all what's happened here

  13. I love that he hangs out with David Howell

  14. “Probably not a good move.” It’s the top engine move by far. (-8,9 when depth=20)

  15. The way he casually mentions how he once beat Karjakin like this who is a very strong player. Watching these videos form a connection with Magnus and I sometimes forget how good he is lol

  16. my first brilliant is castling it won me a pawn.

  17. This reminds me of how I castled myself into a mate in 1

  18. Guys, what s the name of his twitch account? Where can I watch his streams?

  19. Do those 2 in the back just sit there and watch Magnus play chess all day? It seems like they are always there lol

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