Magnus Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins, Wins

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  1. Props for the hostagetakers fol letting levy change clothes

  2. Hikaru already did this like a year ago

  3. “You know why he’s gonna sacrifice his queen? Because he can.” So funny dude

  4. which titled tuesday is it ? cause on hikaru channel i can see he uploaded a titled tuesday video too where magnus lost few games ? you should mention the proper date of the games

  5. Last time ive seen a triple Fs was on your report card 💀

  6. Dude stop doing the titles it’s annoying as fuck

  7. we think he's fighting bosses but bro is doing side quests

  8. I like this chanel. He a little gay for magnus but that's alright😎

  9. Forever the best. Love you Magnus

  10. btw he won the last game with a whole minute of time left

  11. 🎶 "all I do is win win win win win win win win win win win no matter what"🎶

  12. 1 minute in to the video and im already pissing on the floor

  13. Magnus: nooooohhh nooohhhh I…I win…….. lemon pledge 😐

  14. That Consuela line cracked me up more than I want to admit 😂😂

  15. I dont think that first game is commendable at all, Magnus was worse almost the whole game, at one point -2, until the last few moves

  16. To be fair sometimes when I pee there are 2 streams. No way you can win that.

  17. 3:15 levy sounded like someone important just died. 💀

  18. I'm a 300 +, but I watch these videos of the best players and criticize every pawn-loss, as If I invented chess.

  19. Remember that video a month ago

    "Is this the end of Magnus as we know him?"


  20. 12:24 what if the black rook on c7 captures the pawn on h7 in this position? Wouldn't it defend against the threats?

  21. Абдусамат Надирбеков says:

    Bro completed the game

  22. 7:56
    Can someone please explain that why did magnus traded his black bishop even though most of his pawns were on white squares

  23. i delivered 11 curries in a row on my scooter effortlessly

  24. The crazies: "we want you to share the men's toilet with us."
    Me: pees on the floor

  25. To be precise he undecimated the field

  26. The last time i saw 3fs was your report card 💀

  27. Props to Levy for making it into the attic.

  28. The first game was great because Birds opening confuses me and I hate it.

    But I guess you can win with it.

    If you’re Magma Carlsberg

  29. “At tines it looked dicey, but it was never in doubt.” -Levi 2023

  30. As a 550 ELO, you are correct @Levy, I cannot urinate correctly 11 times in a row.

  31. Lol Magnus doing side-quests had me in stitches, another great vid


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