Making a Chess Board and All of Its Pieces – Including the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One!

Making a Chess Board and its Pieces. Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code FOUREYES

In this video I am building a chess board that could also be a cutting board if you felt like it. I made a couple chess boards a few years ago, and always wanted to do a new version and improve some aspects from my original design, so that is exactly what I did. There are a lot of interesting techniques in this one including, checkerboard veneers, mitered frames, cross lap joints, and more.

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  1. I love your channel but this is the ugliest chess set of all time.

  2. as a 1000 rated chess player i get offended from pointy one castle and horse

  3. Ah yes. Bishop: the pointy one

  4. ah yes, the horse, the castle, and the pointy one!

  5. Hol' up, did you just call the bishop?….. the pointy one!?

  6. Your all wrong it's knitgh rook and bishop

  7. As a certified chess player who has well over 1,000 Elo I can confirm that the pieces are called "Dad, Mom, Castle, The Pointy One, Horse, and the Baby"

  8. The title says the castle and the pointy one bruh it's a rook and a bishop😂😂😂

  9. ahh yes the horse the castle and the pointy one are my favourite

  10. not a fan of the geometric pieces but the chess board itself im in love

  11. This is chess has stolen by Rabbids

  12. This make me want to learn carpentry, I've done a lot of drawing in scale so maybe some type of drafting course would be nice.

  13. Chess players: Its named "Knight" not "Horse"!!!

  14. "The Babies, The Castle, The Horse, The Pointy One, The Mom, The Dad"

    Perfect representation of life

  15. i love how the board is so simple, if i could buy this, i would.

  16. that is the cleanest chess set i have ever seen

  17. We watching the video for the first time, and dying from cringe😬😬

  18. nice looking set. 🤩
    I like the bishops.
    They look like Easter Island monuments.

  19. I'm sorry but those pieces do not look comfortable to play with. I'd be distracted the whole game by how they feel

  20. Bro made the chess from rabbid invasion☠

  21. "horse, castle, and the pointy one" 💀💀💀

  22. Loves a dad joke😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 chess chess I can

  23. f O-O r eyes that is actually a creative name

  24. You can make it like you can do a 5×6 or 6×7 and 7×8 or 8×8 7×7 6×6 5×5

  25. This is the single handedly the worst thing i have ever seen

  26. the pieces must be hard to play with, would definitly replace them with stauton-like pieces

  27. put some eye holes in the horse, and at least make one extra queen per color, otherwise looks great

  28. Wow . . . really great. Too bad you don't offer chess sets and board for sale.

  29. BTW horse is a knight, the castle is a rook and the pointy one is a bishop

  30. What a masterpiece, would like a board like this

  31. Yo quisiera que me hicieran un mi Ajedrez así con sus piezas. 😢

  32. I love everything ❤️ but the only thing that is not referd for me is you not weighing😢

  33. We get a lot of comments on this video about Shaun referring to the pieces as "the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One". Some people think he is serious (probably a vocal minority)… well let me just clear the air. He 100% thinks they are called the Horse, the Castle, and the Pointy One. I haven't had the heart to correct him, and all of your commenting won't help as he can't read, and doesn't know how to operate a computer. For the record, he also refers to the Queen, King, and Pawns, as the Mom, the Dad, and the Babies respectively.

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