Mate in 6 moves! Budapest Trap #shorts #chess


  1. and why would you move your knight to block your opening still baffles me

  2. If 2. Nd2, you already knew it ia double digit ELO

  3. lol …. thats not even a real game. Nobody is that stupid.

  4. when you play with a girl, you won't pay much attention to the game.

  5. you don't need trick you need cloths and figure like that .

  6. He did not fall on the trap guys he fall in DISTRACTION😂😂

  7. Yo girl you gotta find someone that play this distraction gambit

  8. I'm confused is she the Budapest "Trap"

  9. Ohh now I realised that why the boy always lose cause his focus is on somewhere else😏

  10. trick's name is Lazard Gambit 👍

  11. I can easily defeat the guy Who records bruh he doesnt play

  12. when both dump players play this happens 😅😅

  13. Nice set,I really like the shape of the horse,does any one know the name ?

  14. T&C apply . Opposite person should be stupid to use this trap 😂

  15. Guys calm down.. All her videos are staged

  16. Everybody watching the match but me watching some thing 🍑

  17. this trap is completely useless, since you will see 2.Nd2 only in around 0.1% of games from this position… this means you will see this move about every 3000 games and you are twice as likely to run into 1.a4 instead. So just prepare for this move that nobody plays instead of learning a useless trap that even less people will run into.

  18. In games like this you need to goto washroom and satisfy yourself watching online videos and Then start playing. This will help getting over this maya

  19. Damn cus I didn’t look at the chess at all

  20. M to chess dekhne aya ab chest pr jyada interest aa rha h..😂😂

  21. Im pretty sure that cleavage is not tournament legal

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