Most Important Chess Skill

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  1. Does this work on dad's aswell or only friends?

  2. I just noticed mate in three, if black takes the sacrifice

  3. The fact that white is close to mating black is ridiculous

  4. I think the lesson here is to figure out which colour pieces you control before you get this far in a game

  5. After looking at the game for 5 seconds I found mate in 3

  6. And then, when we calculate elo…

    Black to win in three blunders.

  7. I mean white can get black in checkmate in 2 moves so

  8. Bro as soon as it started I said white because of the m2

  9. We all were looking for checkmate.
    I found it tho😮

  10. One day, I'll learn enough from these shorts to win against a level one chess bot

  11. So that’s what that +8 means under my opponents name

  12. It's a mate in 2 ryt
    Get the rooks forward

  13. This is a really useful skill, now I can see that I'm losing DURING a game rather than after it

  14. White to Re8 Is forced mate, change my mind

  15. once I had an advantage of 64 pawns and some guy asked me how I won, step 1 is to lose

  16. move the e2 pawn to e8 and it's either win or take the queen from there

  17. How to win in chess simple edition:

    1. Win.

  18. I am a 1700 and my games still are decided by who blunders the less

  19. I was half-expecting you to say something like "despite all this, black has mate in 3" even though that clearly wasn't the case.

  20. rook e8 rook f8 takas rook e8 again black queen f8 queen takes f8

  21. I had a messenger bubble over the white queen and I was very confused as to how white was ahead

  22. In my opinion, the best skill in chess is to not let your opponent’s pieces take your king

  23. I can hear the strain in his voice when he says two points is worth two full pawns lol. He's teaching adults that one plus one equals two redundantly everyday 😀

  24. Levy: telling us about positions

    Me: oh I see a mate in 2

  25. If you want to became CM or NM in national on board tournament its so easy, just alwaysly offering a Draw 😂 but for the GM or IM thats bad idea because you're not intentioning to win a game and became a Champion you waste your time and your money to spend alot for that on board tournament 😂 for nothing only to taking a titled and not money 😂 but thats gona happen, even me in best of 10 blitz 1000 to 1500 elo i lose 6 matches, i win only 1 match and 3 matches are draw 😂 but i gained a ratings on national tournament 1300 elo easy 😂 some of the players are not winning even 3 loses and 7 draw 😂 but they still getting a ratings in national 😂 so the next tournament if your friends is higher rating than your or some is higher rating than you same strategy offering a draw in early 😂 until you became CM or NM for only a Draw its possible to CM NM or even from some FM was not winning in on board tournament most of theire played is a Draw 😂

  26. Forgetting the most important part. Whose turn is it?

  27. Not to ba an asshole, but this skill look to me more like an "assert the situation" ability, and let you know in how deep shit you/oppent are/is, and it does not allow you to beat anyone in chess on it own

  28. It makes me feel better when every Time levy makes these kind of videos I understand and get it it right

  29. Also the solution to the board for white is to sacrifice THE ROOOOOK, it goes feom e2 to e8 then blacks rook takes, e1 to e8, 2nd rook blocks, whites rook takes and thats checkmate.

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