My Opponent Played Like Mikhail Tal

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Episode 29 of the rapid rating climb sees the Pirc Defense played by my opponent. I go for a Vienna game setup against it which turns pretty sour pretty quickly. Opposite-side castling leads to a crazy position where my opponent plays TWO Brilliant Moves and sacrifices TWO knights to bulldoze my position. Everything looks completely hopeless but I still have some tricks up my sleeve, even if my opponent is playing like the great Mikhail Tal himself.

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  1. sick game, i think most people would have resigned after getting attacked like this and loosing a queen. pulled it off like a mad man with no time on the clock

  2. Absolutely epic content and superb analysis, as always

  3. WOW! I thought you were dead lost. I am very low rated and couldn't grasp what you were doing. That is why I love your channel though, the way you explain everything. I also thought that they were cheating because they were much lower rated but I was definitely wrong. Great game great job.

  4. I think there are a lot of rapid player but not many on 15’ plus incremental

  5. Play 10 mins games with 0 increment, you will get higher rated players.

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