NO CASTLE SPEEDRUN | Episode 8 (2000-2100)

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  1. There's something so artistic about Eric's chess playing… although he may not be on Hikaru's or Magnus' level at times, it is so satisfying to watch. Keep it up, Eric.

  2. 37:00 Love you Eric, you funny, and you remind me to never be too easy on myself 🙂 Happy New Year! I hope you see the moves and the parties 🙂 v

  3. Eric wins 125 games but gets pissed for one loss 😂

  4. Lord mayonnaise 4000 gifted subs = $20000

  5. At 9:50 he says …Qxb2 is a trap. I assume .Rb1 is the response, but can't the black queen then escape with Qxb3?

  6. Ending the year with another great episode of a fantastic chess speedrun. Haply New Year!

  7. 9:22 – where I’m from, it’s called a sh1t eating grin 😂

  8. Thanks for the good content, could you pls share with me your playlist, nice music🎉

  9. What's big chiefs new years resolution?

  10. 15:02 Eric? I'm getting a feel God is making you miss mates for me to tell you you missing mates for real this time. IDK, but maybe you are maybe there is something to discover as to what you need to spend more time on, LOCKED POSSITIONS. ok. Time is to remind yourself THEY CAN'T MOVE, ok? Mostly.

  11. "most blunders are idiotic"
    that's some good instructive chess right there <3

  12. "have some ideas" – is something I'm willing to listen to 24/7

  13. Times like at 33:50 when you see the next level that GMs are on. Takes seconds to calculate and spot something most would never find

  14. I like to see ruthless eric after he drops a foolish premove. living vicariously through your fury.

  15. Been watching you for over 2 Years Eric, you are my favourite chess player by far.

    Very talented and a great dude

  16. the best speedrun episodes are when eric is pissed. no mercy for anybody.

  17. Eric always emphasizes how nasty the bishop pair can be, and damn did he display it @ 19:20

    Some of the slickest bishops I've ever seen, no exaggeration

  18. I never seem to catch you live. thanks so much for your romantic style of chess. I imagine Yassar had a lot to do with that though, lol.

  19. 38:38 His intuition was on about missing something! Instead of Bf6 like he played, 1. Rxc2! Qxc2 (1…Re1 2. Kh2 Qe5+ 3. Bf4+-) 2. Rxg6+ Qxg6 3. Qxg6+ Kh8 4. Bf6#

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