Opposite Side Castling Makes For Exciting Chess – Round 2 Recap!

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  1. I really like your content man keep it up👌

  2. A Favorite Channel Of Mine – Humble when he wins, Good sport when he loses, No clickbait, Nelson is a very honest youtuber.

  3. Congrats Nelson, glad to hear you won!

  4. 🎶 Castle, attack and checkmate! Chess Vibes! 🥳

  5. Heck ya man. Great game. Love all the tactics.

  6. Razor wire game. Strong work, Nelson…a really instructive game on tactics…

  7. Nice game 👍 and Idk whay to say if a NM gets confused about what to do or doesn't calculate right so it makes me feel less sorry for myself lol

  8. this was a great video, i really liked it! however, i'd love it if u could emphasize the key moments/blunders that tipped the scale of a game. kudos and good luck for the next one!

  9. That was AWESOME. Congrats on the victory! Just don't miss those alternate captures and you'll be fine on the next round!!!

  10. Learnt a lot. Great explanation of potential weaknesses and positions.
    Thanks Nelson.
    Nice win.

  11. Wow, your calculations are impressive! And the tactics are very cool!
    I also have the tendency to forget about possible pawn moves when calculating ahead, like you mentioned in the opening, almost like I think of them as stationary. It's a problem that I also need to work on.
    I tell myself to do what Nelson taught us: try to think of ^ALL^ the possible moves the opponent might make. (not just the obvious ones)
    Good game! Keep winning!!
    Good luck in the next rounds!!!! 💪😊👍

  12. 99.800k bro
    you almost have the 100
    and I can tell u lost some weight!
    great game btw

  13. Congratulations Nelson 👍 Good luck next game …

  14. I'm so proud of myself for finding all the moves you've asked us to find.😊

  15. Your position much like bbllack lion,except the fiancceto,leaving the king in center never helps me.

  16. Instead of going for Pirc defense:main line you could go
    for Pirc defense : Czech variation

  17. This mans Vids just adds 100s to my elo

  18. at 10:22 he should have played knight a4. the b pawn is pinned to the king and the queen is threatened then a potential fork

  19. Nice!! That was a fun one to watch. Good job

  20. Didn't think you were going to win that one! Interesting to think about what was happening in your opponents head, more panic than it seemed as the rest of the playing from the opponent seemed really smooth.

  21. Great recap, very honest when you don’t spot things, as well as when you do

  22. A great victory against a tricky opponent, well played

  23. Good play on this one…unlike game 1 which was a bust.

  24. 6:15 I would have been terrified by the prospect of Qg7 combined with a potential Bc5

  25. Woohoo! I love that you are playing KIA/KID these days. Of course, this was a Pirc, which is kind of what you do as a KID player against e4. So happy you won this game! Rock on!

  26. I like how the evaluation was -7.5 towards the end but missing one defensive move would’ve lost the game.

  27. At 6 mins your knight is trapped if he brings the middle pawn. Q-A2 always looked good to me, but the later complexities would have caused me blunders.

  28. a funny joke: nelson mandala more like nelson lopez OHHHHHH

  29. 7:30 that is the most relatable thing I've heard about chess. Lmao i do it all the time. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it too

  30. I think even if he lost every game we would all still stick around because a lot of us would love to be at hood level and we know win or lose we will always take away something worth learning from his videos. His a great teacher. He would do well just coaching I think given the following his built up

  31. You have 100k subs Nelson you going to celebrate somehow. YouTube send that plaque yet???

  32. The meme name for the opening of your opponent is the Anakin Skywalker. It normally starts with Queen's pawn, but he transitioned into it. It's meme named as such because it aggressively attacks KID players and takes them out of their comfort zones.

  33. You guys are strong in tactics, thanks for the video!

  34. Nelson is straight, forward and clear ❤ a heart from the country of Mount. Everest Nepal. 👍

  35. U spotted enough tactics if it were me I would have done something crazy and gotten mated

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