paulw7uk chess v 1819 caro kann opposite side castling

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on we have opposite side castling in this game but managed to play it well, engine says 96% accuracy v 89%. game on


  1. Why not just pin the queen to the king and win a queen?🤔

  2. Does queen a1 at the start win the rook cause if queen blocks you check with rook and win the queen

  3. Why not qa1 in the beginning?
    Leads to trading queens (or winning a rook) in either case you'd be winning?

  4. Pinning queen was better, but it is bullet it is fine. But why you wasted so many moves to move king at last for no reason

  5. You are so bad a chess it hurts my soul

  6. Ever post games you lose mate like even 1 game? Never seen you lose once and as your names not Magnus I can only ume you do lose but hate admitting it. Sad

  7. Didn’t lose a single millisecond in the end 👀 🔥🔥

  8. I don't understand why you show the endgame when you're already a rook up? Bit pointless, would it not make more sense to show how you got to that position?

  9. broo you could have pinned queen at d8 protected by queen and rook ohhh yea forced checkmate

  10. Why did you move the king out of the corner at the end

  11. People screaming pin the queen man its bullet chess its very easy to get tunnel vision not to mention to adreneline rush

  12. did you miss the room pinning the queen?😬

  13. In the end you couldve mated without moving the king

  14. Paul I find your your vids so relaxing – always a pleasure to watch!

  15. The king move at the end was not really necessary cause there was qh5.
    Anyways, gg

  16. Just curious, what was the little dance with the king at the end to get it out of the corner for? Why not just slide the queen to H7 for mate?

  17. You should have moved the rook to e6 instead of g8

  18. Abicim kale ile neden veziri kilitleyip adamın vezirine çökmüyorsun da iki saat oyunu uzatıyorsun, bir vezir bir kale veriyorsun rakip vezir için, halbuki tek kale vererek o işi çoktan yapacaktın

  19. Am I the only person that saw the pin queen and got mad he didn’t take it?

  20. bruh you could have pin the queen to the king with rook

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