paulw7uk chess v 2098 turn round -3 opposite castling

#shorts paulw7uk chess. this is 1-min bullet chess on we have opposite castling and we sac a bishop and end up -3 mid game but manage to win a rook and convert the checkmate. game on
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  1. After knight exchange I believe there was rook c5 taking a pawn and attacking a rook. He took we take the other one with check

  2. How does it get the enemy’s king to highlight red when it’s in check

  3. Paul do you actually think during bullet game i mostly play by instinct i just play

  4. You deserve so many subs. Really love your content.👍

  5. I think part ones and twos of the 60 second games could be a break through for development on newer players and how to react to certain openings to avoid mate👀

  6. He could play rock c8 but you got very good win 😊❤

  7. After you took the first rook with the Queen on h8, he could have brought the rook back to c8 It would have been an equal trade as the Queen is protecting the rook as well as the king.
    Ami I right or am I missing something?

  8. Your videos are so calming, you speak in such a nice voice and really make me enjoy chess, thank you so much

  9. Wasn't it better if he blocked the check with rook to C8?

  10. after Qa6 why not take The c6 pawn with the rook?

  11. So satisfying when you take the queen on the same move as mate

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