playing chess until I hit 1500 (Day 129)

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  1. The "easiest" way to win the queen king endgame is to put the queen in knight opposition in relation to the opponents king. So after you promote, your next move should be queen b2. After that you hunt down the king until it's on the side of the board with knight opposition. Then you move your queen away on the other rank so if the white king is on the h-file, you place your queen on the g-file. You want to force the king into a corner so after a bunch of knight oppositions you will end up on lets say white king h1 and you want to place your queen on g4. That way the white king can only move between h1 and h2 and you bring your king down to f2 and next move will be queen g2 check mate :)If you force the king to a8 your queen should rest on d7 and then bring the king to c6, queen b7 check mate.[Variant "From Position"][FEN "8/8/8/8/8/1k1K4/8/2q5 b – – 0 1"]1… Qb2 2. Ke4 Qc3 3. Kd5 Qb4 4. Kc6 Qd4 5. Kb7 Qc5 6. Ka8 Qd6 7. Kb7 Kc4 8. Kc8 Qe7 9. Kb8 Qd7 10. Ka8 Kc5 11. Kb8 Kc6 12. Ka8 Qb7#Import the PGN in lichess analysis and you will see the general idea 🙂

  2. Aaaargh …Forky says WHAT?! NOOOO!! U know it but …use your Q+K to drive the lone K to an edge/side & simply coordinate Q+K for the mate while AVOIDING Stalemate…practice this to do it in your sleep & quickly & then all good 😉 To be positive, it was not a loss, but let's get those wins & no blunders..please! Analyse this & learn & move on & up!

  3. Come on man we are with you!! You can do it

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