PogChamps 5 is Back! Jarvis Johnson, Tyler1, & Ghastly Kick Off Day 1 as CDawgVA Battles Sykkuno!

Featuring xQc, Tyler1, Sapnap, QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Fuslie, I did a thing, and more, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators is back, and with $100,000 on the line! Our 16-player celebrity and streamer chess tournament which previously spawned a mountain of memes, and became one of the game’s biggest sensations ever, returns for a 5th edition!

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  1. There NEEDS to be a clip of just Frank talking vs Jarvis's quiet focus, just switching back and forth.

  2. These players are honestly so braindead, they play at the same level as children.. Even when I was in middleschool I played better than this…

  3. tyler jinny game tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Legend of Frank the Tank, let it be known, He Cooked 🎉

  5. Andrea is gonna mess around and get Alex cancelled!!!🤣🤣🤣

  6. Skyunno is the complete opposite of frank, can't wait for that match

  7. Frank is blatantly cheating… he’s watching his chat

  8. Levy predicting EVERYTHING in that first game was spectacular.

  9. Without increment games can be more interesting n chaotic

  10. Welp I’m sure watching this cost me at least 100ELO but man it’s worth it for the fun!

  11. The Fact That Sykkuno Doesn’t Even Know The Names Of Some Of The Pieces Just Proves That He Is 100 ELO.

  12. How big do the youtubers' channels need to be to play on pogchamps?

  13. I think its a fair choice not asking frank a single question at the interview because we were life in his head most of the time during the game!

  14. Bruh levy just saying these are high level to not hurt anyone😂😂

  15. does somebody know what happened to dist2, did he decide not to play or what happened?

  16. frank going full hardcore getting me to laugh so hard

  17. Levy demonstrated real character on numerous occasions by not returning whatsoever any of the cruel comments that were 'levied' by Andrea. Be nice(r), Li'l Bo! 🐞 – j q t –

  18. Andrea thinks she can take Tyler in a fight? I heard that right?

  19. Ugh Andrea blatantly rooting for Ghastly is a little ridiculous

  20. technical difficulties where done on purpose, to not make Conner look bad for beeing late 😂

  21. When Levy said „It’s mate by accident“ (~3:54:00) I was kind of annoyed by his disrespect, but the next minute Tyler kept trying to understand why the game ended. 🤣🤣

  22. I can never watch daily dose of internet, guy has a fake voice. Such a liar.

  23. Tigers live in the forest Levy, lions live on the savanna.

  24. Frank was like, " if one Adderall helps me focus, then 4 will make me a Chess master!"

  25. Tiger natural habitat is in the wood (jungle), Levy.
    Well, that… and golf course. 😁

  26. TRIPLE FORK?! Call it a Trident! Sounds great!

  27. Levy did not want to keep tuning into franks stream lol

  28. Levy’s done way too many guess the elo to know what will happen. Lol

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