Push Only Pawns And Win A Chess Game

In this historic chess game Emil Joseph Diemer played as white and he broke every single chess opening principle. He completely abandoned development of his pieces and just pushed pawns until the18th move.
He still managed to win this chess game by suffocating black’s position. This game is one of the reasons why we love chess.

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  1. If they push pawns push back with pawns and dismantle the assault. Complete noob strategy don’t do this stupid shit

  2. I once played a game like this after drinking A bottle of Mongolian vodka🤣

  3. This is how chess was played in the classical era. They tried to advance their whole army taking possession of squares like land in a war. I see a lot of very old games similar to this. But usually the back line assist the pawns forward push

  4. perjhaps he wanted to continue the "purity" of the pawn moves, but I don't quite get why White didn't use his kingside bishop to snag the B5 pawn (1:54) that was thrust out unguarded. FWIW, such a move would have pinned the kingside knight as well. I mean, a pawn ahead in this game especially seems like a good advantage.

  5. 12:00 shouldn't black have used this check to move his rook behind the pawn that was about to promote?

  6. I did the exact same thing! As white I started with d4 pushing only pawns…

    Then continued with London System and won.

    Title misled me too.

  7. For WHITE, not for THE WHITE. please. PLEASE.

  8. Sheer Genius Emil sir
    Great game ,pawns are real Warriors in this game 🙏🫡👍

  9. Grand Masters be like: a beginner only pushes out the pwns
    Grand Master V11 be like: every beginner move turns into a 1300 elo

  10. While a very interesting game, it's also noteworthy that Emil Joseph Diemer was a literal Nazi.

  11. Now I'm opening with only pawns every game.

  12. I've gone nuts with my pawns, but not so crazy it's genius.

  13. Those pawns seized the means of board control!

  14. I enjoyed that game. Let him try that with me lol.

  15. At the end rook would have gone for H1 to prevent the queen's promotion.

  16. I think they are both with 4000+ elo , just kidding btw what is their elo host

  17. If white was a GM and black was a novice (which seems likely) this game is not that impressive, it's kinda like Mike Tyson in his prime fighting someone who was on his 2nd day of learning to box – what other outcome could there be?

  18. Man black makes me cry white made so many mistakes it wasnt even funny

  19. Towards the end it was a game won by the black. But he didn't make the critical moves.

  20. If the names of the players had not been announced, the observer would have mistakenly thought it was in the kindergarten, the moment the chess coach went out to smoke a cigarette….

  21. my father always plays this because he does not know opening theory and never played chess I've never won against him playing 10 matches so far – I've been playing for a month now at 600 elo, and frequently get 90% accuracy but I just blunder more often when my opponent plays like this

  22. why will you say castle queenside?. appropriate is castling queenside. please take a deeper study aboute these words. thank you.

  23. Finally! A game that has never been seen before.

  24. Wrong caption. I clicked this video to watch how I could move only my pawns to win a game but, I was cajoled. Not nice

  25. This is the most dramatic chess match I have seen.

  26. Great video, really like the fact that you showed how certain scenarios would play out in case of a specific move.

  27. Somehow I feel still there is a chance for black to win

  28. Sorry but I cracked too many times watchin' this lol

  29. Is it weird that I think that a pawn only game fits the look of Emil Diemer? He looks like an ancient chess master who lives in the mountains who is approached by an ambitious young chess prodigy and is like "Son, you are not ready yet." and beats him with only pawns.

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